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You're in my realm now and I rule this realm.

All Neko and Giantess are free to help rule my realm but they must listen to the rules at the below along with tinies.

There always tinies in my realm and they made clans for themselves. One clan calls there selves the "Rebel hearts" and another calls them selves "Kitty hearts" (may apply to giantess but not required)

Rebel hearts: People that are a rebellious
Kitty hearts: People that are loyal to me and my subjects.

1. Everyone please make a profile. With the layout below! Also, if you see " * " by the name of the information you need to give, that is optional.

Giantess or Tiny
*Abilities and/or Talent (only 1 or 2 abilities and can't be OP):
*Extra (Anything you want to add)
(I will have a demo profile, which will be mine, down below so you can see how it is)

2. Please treat everyone with respect! You can be mean in rp but you can't if your talking out of character.

3. Prior to rule 2, you will have 3 chances.
1. I will warn you about the rules your breaking and I will tell you to straighten yourself out.
2. I will ban you for a couple of days and after its up, you will be able to join again.
3. You will be banned permanent and that is that.

4. Also, prior to rule 2, the people that came to rp with you, wants to have fun. Don't ruin it for them for example "OP character or Godmodding" Sometimes this happens, I can say, I did it sometimes but I'm trying to control myself on it.

5. Have patience! Most of the people here have busy lives but sometime they are open to rp with. Please don't spam a person to rp with you, I seen this happen to me a couple of times and I stopped rping with them because of it. If you can't respect and wait patiently for someone to come back and keep rping with you, your in the wrong place.

6. Have fun! Everyone should. ^^

Updates: Now have a Storyline rps posts and Update posts

Storyline rps: I might start creating different rps to start a random story. Working progress thou

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Do any giantesses wanna rp?
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So in order for Paper Mario Ultra , I need an oc of your guys....

Roleplay anybody? Plz? 1-1 giantess RP?

(Rp-style: descreptive)

(Hello everyone! ^^)

(Down below you see two starters: One for you playing the Giantess,
The other is for you playing the Tiny)

Starter 1:  (You playing normal sized, me playing as a Tiny)

It was a rainy night outside, every few seconds a tremendous flash of lightning lights up your room followed by a loud thunder.
You were sitting in your bed, looking outside of the window as you couldn't fall asleep. But you didn't know I was standing outside of the window, searching for a way to get in.
Suddenly a gust of wind blast opened the door. I took the chance and quickly entered the house. I instantly hid in the darkness as I didn't want to be seen.
(Gentle Giantess prefered)

Starter 2:  (You playing the Tiny, me playing normal sized)
I'll leave most of the details up to you, after all it's your character xD
You somehow got shrunk. insert shrinking reason here Full of panic you ran away to find a safe place and eventually decided to stay at the edge of the city, near the woods. The next day you were thinking about what to do to get back to normal size, as you suddenly heard footsteps coming nearer...

(Female needed)
(No Sex-Rp please.)

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"We are small, we may be overrun, but we cannot perish on thyne giantesses!"

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Age: 13
Gender: Male
Species: Tiny
Clan: Rebelius Hearts
Abilities: Can jump over 3" boxes, and can run 7 mph
Bio: "He's a nice guy until its time to be mean but that rarely happens because he can always keep his cool"

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"Watch your step."

"I may be small, but don't count me out."

"Could you possibly set me down?"

"I don't remember putting myself on the menu, so maybe choose a more balanced breakfast."


<Basic Information>

Akira Blackquill

Aki, Joker

Looks about 18
Mentally 21




Aki prefers keeping his feet on the ground, as heights can make him dizzy if he feels unsupported. He enjoys reading as well, and has been known to be a deep sleeper.

He isn't very fond of being injured, nor does he enjoy heights. He dislikes being kept out of the loop when it comes to plans

Aki is a well-mannered teen, and has been noted to be very helpful when asked. He's a problem solver, and can often see problems through multiple different angles.

He enjoys reading and planning. He is very curious about the growth of giantesses, and has devoted many days to studying them.


Aki is an excellent problem solver, and can work through puzzles with ease. He has shown the ability to use magics and has a
repertoire of spells to use at any time.


Eye Color:

Black and wavy



Additional Information
Aki gets cold very easily, hence him always wearing the hoody. If he had to pick a place to be stuck in when a giantess wanted to hold him without hands, he'd probably pick her chest


Aki is an average teen. He doesn't have some tragic back story, nor is he some psychopathic killer with a need for blood. However, something a bit out of the ordinary about him is his fascination with giantesses. He has spent quite a bit of his teenage years studying what makes them grow, what can cause personality changes in the subject, and the like. He has never actually come into contact with a giantess though, as he is still only a student.

Things to preferably avoid: I'd rather not deal with scat or urine, and hard vore is also a no. I'm fine with soft vore, but let's keep the digestion part to a minimum.

Face claim: Hibiki Kuze from Devil Survivor 2
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I wanna adopt a giantess kitty

Any giantess women want to kik? My kik is mikey1179
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