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Name: Bryon
Gender: Male
Weapons: Anything explosive, Fire, technological weapons, and anything sharp.
Way to kill: Burning, stabbing, blowing up, or airstriking
Likes: Creepypasta's, girls, and pain
Dislikes: Hurting others who done nothing wrong, cats, and having fun
Species: Still UnIdentified (To me I am Death)
Bio: I am Bryon. I love to burn myself and laugh at the pain. I am 16 years old and I would love to learn how to smile. Never mess with me unless you feel like being burned alive. Always stay clear of your surroundings. I am also Jane The Killer's Servant.
Saying: I laugh at my pain. I'm Fine. and I am Death.
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Name: Smiley Sarah.
Gender: Female.
Age: 14.
Weapon: A scythe.
((I will comment the rest))
Friends: Jeffy, Ben, Masky, Hoodie, dark link.
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