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I found enterprise-A on calculating the cosmos lab

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Anyone wanna meet up tonight at the after hours?

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VividTech : Google : Android : I/O 2013

The linked piece by +Eric Zeman at +InformationWeek summarizes some of the large array of significant advances for developers announced and released yesterday at #IO2013  , but notes that some are disappointed that there was no release of Android 4.3. 

IMO an arbitrary release of a next revision to Android from the current 4.2 wasn't necessary and shouldn't be lamented. What we've all received from Google is actually much more substantial as a whole or in parts than merely an Android revision. 

In terms of product lifecycle decision making the large number of very high impact and high value developer tools, APIs, API interoperability for systems, and user experience enhancements, as well as the very significant performance and infrastructure improvements go well beyond the substance of a typical OS revision.  

The choices Google product managers must have made, in response to developer input, are logical, make perfect sense in terms of ordering and prioritizing features and enhancements, and form a firm bedrock foundation for developers to make significant enhancements and offer opportunities for new applications.

The systems changes and new tools equate to lower risk through an even more robust, faster, and greener infrastructure. And the new functionality and user experience equate to a higher return competitive advantage opportunity for the developer, downstream business + user eco-system.

With the Tech Strategist hat on, all of the choices that Google made about what to focus on  seem wise to me, so lets not lament an arbitrary revision number....I'm sure that will also follow when it makes sense.  

Check here and follow for details:
+Google Developers +Google+ 

We posted a live summaries of what was being announced for #Android  and #GooglePlus  and more so check our postings for the lists of announcements.

+Hugo Barra segways to developer tools  Android Studio:
IDE based on intellij :


+Chris Yurga

New Play Store UI & function:

900 million Android activations 2013!

+Hugo Barra :

Three new features GCM: Google Cloud Messaging

1. persistent connections
2. Upstream messaging (from app to servers)
3. Synch'ed notification API

Summary: Maps API, Location, GCM all have new features


New family of APIs: Google Play Game Services

On my way now.  Everyone get registered tonight?  So excited.

For those in the google Wallet breakout, anyone want to send me a penny so I can help spread this?

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+PrimeSense will be at the Google I/O After Hours Partt Tonight to show off some very cool #Capri 3D Sensor demos with #Nexus10 at #IO13 Official After Hours with our partners from +OpenNI 

So, no Android updates? Or am I missing something?

I got kicked out of the main conference hall because of the fire marshall.  Bummer.  

Hello, if you are going to Google IO but have not find a place to stay yet, I have an unused reservation (as I will be staying with my friend) at Union Square Super8 from May 14th - May 16th. I booked it for $200+, and I plan to sell it for $200. Please let me know if you are interested. Price is negotiable. Thanks.
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