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No nudes...

The vores that are allowed here are
1. Oral vore
2. Soul vore
3. Absorbtion vore
4. Digestion
5. Non digestion
6. Willing
7. Forced
8. Unwilling
9. Any really. Except Cock, Vaginal, or breast.
10. Btw no porn pictures. If you need a lewd rp.. Ehm... Just uhhh. Put it lightly and explain in post. Don't put a picture or rp it out. Just use private messages or plain description. Thank you.

Rule for post:
No nudes
No abuse
Be fair

1. Do not hate on anyone, or anything.
2. Dont step anyone to moderator.
3. Only accept the people who ask to join if your pretty sure theyre not a raider or a spammer
4. Be nice
5. Cussing is allowed but if you use words towards others you will be warned
6. Any rules broken more than twice will result in a ban
7. Post in the correct categories please... This doesn't have a punishment. But... I recommend you do

Any giantess want to rp?

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a surprise for Emily

*Emily, a 5 year old girl, was your human friend. She will come by with Giant snack for you. But today is special, its Emily's birthday, and you have a great gift for her. She came by with a Giant cupcake for you. "Hi n/a! You know what day it is!!" She yell in excitement as you*
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Anyone wanna rp this?

Does any one want to do a dragon/dragoness meets little kid Vore rp? I'm the kid

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(Always open!)

Anyone want to do a long term vore rp as the poke-giantesses below? You'd be pred. Oral vore please, I can't be digested (Light chewing is ok just no severing of limbs or crushing me). I'm the only prey in this. I'd like to be a little bit bigger than their hands but still be a tiny. NSFW can be allowed between the giantesses, as well as footplay, tongueplay, petplay, and I can do 18+ (but that's up to you 😉). I'm wanting to be an eating pet. Have them be nice. Please be ok with one liners. I prefer to use hangouts (for some reason my Hangouts name is different than my google+ name so I can msg you). You're also able to be Serena's Fennekin. Art belongs to the respective owners.
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Anyone wanna do endless vore with Bethy as pred?
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hi all! ^^ any giantess around to rp? :) real female one needed please! ^^not a guy rping a female ^^ will rp by hangouts or even kik (mine is tinyvale);hope to see someone soon!^^

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Name: Noah
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Species: Blue Wolf

Personality: Adventurous,Loyal,Friendly
-The Powers of the Wolf
-Prey Instinct

Likes: Pleasing Giantess,Being Petted,Gentle Giantess,Cuddles,Making Friends
Dislike: Mean Giantess,Others being mean to his friends/himself,Jerks

Flavor Body-Blueberry/Head and Tail rings-Something Cool
Vore Status: Prey

Bio: Noah was known to be a Friendly wolf as he has a fetish for Giantess and he wish his dream came true and it did,as he went to the store only to purchase a Shampoo for her fur and he bought a new brand of Shampoo that was the last one on the market so he went home and try it out only for him to wake up the next morning with Blue Fur as he smell and tasted like Blueberry.

I'm leaving this community now.
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