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Hello everybody! I'm glad I found this community :)
Check out this dose of wisdom:

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We are moved by lost time. We are moved by birthdays, funerals and by transition steps like weddings, which start something new and end something forever: things will never be the same as before. We are moved by new people coming into this world: by “mini-me”-s, because we know we’re going to die one day and hopefully they will remain. Creativity comes from emotions that shake us up. Would we still create if we were to live forever?

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Any moment..any matter you much you've in just let them go...and choose to be happy...every minute in'd lost it
So try happiness

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It's not about destination...
It's about road

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Hey guys...why any of you hasn't done any activity?? Plz invite your friends

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We always hear forget the past don't worry about future and libe in's true we live in present but cosider that your today's present is yesterday's future!!
So it is not wise to live like that it's like going to war without any plan at war is not about power it's about power of mind that which attack plan is wiser
And I accept that it's the only reason to win and chance can help but the 90 percent is hardworking and wisdom
So do not leave your life to chance

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I said about predicting the future but how we ganna do that??
One of the simplest way is knowing about past don't forget about past!! Always try to learn from them
Anotherway is trying to know conditions that you're in and know how woud they react
This is on of the wisdom's ability so it need exercise first you should think what can help you and it's considered as exercise
I think one way is always you should try to look at things and stuff around you like you haven't seen them before!
maby you think that knowing this stuff how can help us??
As answer I can tell you wisdom is ability that make great man And stronger
The reason I said it's better you shoud post your ideas and information, is that you could use your mind and creativity and make them better
And pleas tell your friends to come here and we all could imrove our wisdom and creativity

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Great men don't try find a way for their goal…they make their own!

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I think wisdom is not only about reaching our goals and aims it also about trying to have clear vision of your condition and predict possibilities of reaction and results of your action
With this method we can a few step ahead of time

#creativity   #creativethinking   #wisdom   #freethinking  All these things go hand-in-hand. I believe these are the things that could make any difference in anything!  I'm happy to join this group.
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