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I think I might want to rp as Victor.

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Thanks for let me join i am ratchet

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Species: Robot (Formally Organic)
Alignment: Evil
Occupation: Evil Scientist
Abilities:Can create weapons,Can turn Squshies into robots,Can project solid holograms of himself,Can shoot laser beams,Can fly,Can shoot missiles,Can pilot highly advanced mechanisms.
Bio: (This actually depends...)
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Why should i be a mod? Well there are many reasons but I'll only name 2.

1.I know more about Ratchet & Clank than anyone else here. I became a fan of the franchise in 2013 due to All 4 One however i owned the Original Ratchet & Clank at age 3 and still have it only adding the Original Trilogy and Deadlocked. I know a lot about the franchise like Ratchet's home world and the Cragmite war. I am also a dedicated fan to the series getting evrey game on release date.

2.I can help with a lot. Such as keeping everyone in check and making sure nothing goes wrong! I can make sure everyone will follow the rules.

+Shadow Knight428 +Master DA +Doctor Nefarious thank you for joining. Please make your profile. :3


You can update your profile if you want different weapons just put update in the top

Good or Evil :
First slot (main, most of the time starter) weapon:
Second slot (secondary) weapon:
Melee weapon:
Other 4 slots:
Bio (at least 3 sentences):
Theme song (optional)

Official characters
Captain quark
(Want anyone I didn't mention just ask)

Name: Lilly

Age: 21

Gender: Female

Race: Lombax

Good or Evil : Good

First slot (main, most of the time starter) weapon: Heavy Lancer

Second slot (secondary) weapon: Blitz Cannon

Melee weapon: omniwrench meli 12

Other 4 slots: mini nuke, Mega turret glove, Lavaciter, multi star

Bio Lilly the lombax was never known to exist, people thought that Rachet was the last one. Her parents left her at the young age of 4 to die in the hot dry conditions of Veldin. She figured out how to survive and fix ships. She fixes ships to earn bolts and just for fun. She has a high end ship that she found and fixed up 8 years after she crashed

Description: has ratchets proportions (mostly) but instead of a orange color like ratchets fur she has a white fur coat with red highlights

Theme song
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