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Name - Zimmar
Nickname - Zim
Code name - 
Type of Dragon- A miniature species called the Thorny Devil (Actually a lizard in irl XD)
Native to (habitat)- Desert
Gender- Male
Crush- open
Secret crush- open
Sexuality- straight
Rank (if in kingdom)- not in the kingdom
Family- unknown
History (optional)- He raised himself. Thorny devils don't take care of their hatchlings.
Personality (optional)- RP it out
Age- 4,000 years
Mate- None
Thorny Devil
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Name - Queen Aquamoris
Nickname- Aqua, mom, queen Aqua
Code name- Queen Aquamoris. 
Type of Dragon- Mist 
Native to (habitat)- Mountains or valleys
Gender- female
Crush- The king
Secret crush- The king, though it's not a secret
Sexuality- striaght
Rank (if in kingdom)- Queen
Family- The king, Prince/ princess
History (optional)- Born and raised into the kingdom and eventually became the queen
Age - 125, 023 years old
Mate - The king

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Name - Waterfall
Nickname- Fall
Code name- The tsunami
Type of Dragon- Tsunami dragon
Native to (habitat)- Ocean
Gender- Female
Crush- Open
Secret crush- Open
Sexuality- Bisexual
Rank (if in kingdom)- not in the kingdom
Family- Unknown
History (optional)- Fall was left alone in the ocean when she was just born and has raised herself from there. 
Personality (optional)- Unknown/ destructive
Age - 2,000
Mate - None

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Name - Shadow
Nickname- Shade, Shae
Code name- The dark one
Type of Dragon- Illusion and Shadow dragon
Native to (habitat)- None
Gender- Male
Crush- Open
Secret crush- Open
Sexuality- Straight
Rank (if in kingdom)- The main threat to the kingdom. Shadow and his army
Family- He killed them
History (optional)- Shadow was born with his family and when he got the lust from power and blood he killed them. Then the power overtook him. He is now a creature of the night who has a army and is ready to kill the kingdom at any cost. Shadow can absorb the powers of those he kills
Personality (optional)- Unknown he lost his personality.
Age- 100,000,010 years old
Mate- None
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(I am creating this for Clockwork she is having some problems)
Description  (Don't need this if you have an image)-
Name -  Llewellyn
Nickname -  Llew
Code name - Shadow
Type of Dragon - Shadow and Illusion
Native to (habitat) - The very deep jungle
Gender - female
Crush - "..."
Secret crush - Shadow
Sexuality - straight
Rank (if in kingdom) - Healer
Family - None alive
History (optional)- 
Personality (optional)-
Age- 18,000
Mate- none
(Clockwork you may start roleplaying now :) )

This is all about the kingdom ranks :D
Queen - Me
Prince -
Warriors -
Blacksmith (s) - 
Mothers -
Guardian -
Queen: Highest power
King: Second highest power
Princes: Next in line for king
Princesses: Next in line for queen
Warriors: Guard the cave
Blacksmith (s): Craft weapons, armor etc.
Mothers: (self explanatory....) The mothers of hatchlings or have dragonets
Hatchlings: Dragons that just hatched.
Exiled: Dragons who have banished by the king or queen.
Guardians: They guard the skies and are paid slightly higher than warriors
Healers: They are very intelligent and heal dragons who are injured.
Mages: Dragons who have a higher amount of magic than others.
Apprentices: Either going to be a warrior, guardian, healer, blacksmith, or mage.

(Open RP)                    Waterfall (1st person)
I wandered around swimming elegantly through the waves. My long tail guiding me through the water silently. I look up seeing another dragon. I swam to the dragon out of curiosity. They saw me and darted away. I sighed and continued swimming through the lonely ocean.

(Open RP)                      Zim (3rd person)
Zim wandered around the sandy desert. His heat proof scales keeping out the afternoon sun. He looked around and found a large cactus. Zim crawled inside after digging a small door looking hole. He laid there taking shelter from the sun.

Just so everyone knows I will add your type of dragon to this when you have a new one :)
Types of dragons created so far:
Mist: Mist dragons are native to the mountains and can make their bodies become mist.

Tsunami: Tsunami dragons can create a huge tsunami with just a small splash with their tail. Though this doesn't always happen they have to be thinking about it too.

Shadow: These dragons can dissipate into shadows.

Illusion: Illusion dragons create illusions that are your worst fears or best dreams. Depends on their mood. Don't look into their eyes if you don't want to fall into a dream-like land. These dragons are extremely rare and are not born with this trait.

Thorny Devil: Thorny Devils are miniature dragons and are the smallest species. They usually hide inside a cactus for the day and hunt at night. They have wings that are hidden in their thorn-like scales. Their tails are their most dangerous weapon. It's spiked and a deadly killer. Though these dragons are small they could kill a full grown dragon with their venom tails.

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Personality (optional)-
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