Hello! Live in Dallas and heard Austin holds a gathering every September. Is this true?

Good morning my fellow Men, Faeries, environmentalist, artists, hikers & campers and nudists.

Hi, faeries!
I'm part of a young queer permaculture collective called Que Fina.  We want to connect with radical faeries, environmental activists, healers, youth, and community organizers to realize a queer land project in Central Texas.  Ideally, we'd love to plug our talents and training into an existing project, but we haven't been able to find anything in this region.  Our vision is a land project where queers, women, people of color, and faeries of all kinds can build community beyond the urban fray in Texas.  We're currently networking, meeting people with similar goals, and learning from folks who have done what we are trying to do.

Any advice, encouragement, connections, or suggestions for us?  For those of you in the Austin-San Antonio area, we'd love to meet for coffee and chat.

Spontaneously have yourself visit with us downtown ish areas. We are taking the Metro Rail (6:43 Howard) into town to Crestview near Divivid. :) Doing who knows what fun Fae mayhem! :)

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Hello Fae friends,
On Sunday, March 10th at 13:00
Please join us for a fun movie and Faerie celebration! 
Please feel free to freely dress in fun and joyFULL clothes!

Show up to the Alamo Drafthouse Slaughter at 1:00PM to get your stand-by ticket ($10) for the showing of Big Joy.
In the event they are sold out we will still have fun hanging out together!
SxSW Flyer: http://schedule.sxsw.com/2013/events/event_FS13910
Alamo @ 5701 W Slaughter Ln, movie time: 2:00PM-3:22PM

Bookwoman is hosting a reading of James Broughton, and Big Joy poetry in honor of the BIG JOY world premiere at SXSW. 
We're looking for volunteers & performers for this, and several other exciting Big Joy shenanigans. 
5501 N Lamar Blvd 4:30-6:00

The fun begins at 1pm this Sunday March 10th at Alamo Slaughter
5701 W Slaughter Ln, Austin, TX 78749
Theater Phone:(512) 476-1320

Afterwards, we can go out for a bit to eat nearby and party on. More to come......
This message brought to you by Prana, from Michael Foster. :)

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Glad to have you here Howard. Since you've been a part of the yahoo group you know how the Google group works. Right now we are transitioning to full use of it. You may go to https://groups.google.com/forum/?fromgroups#!forum/austinradicalfaeries to post forum style, or you may send an email to the group much in the same way you did yahoo with this email address: austinradicalfaeries@googlegroups.com
Please, feel free to ask more Fae to join this community and the Google group as well. :) ♥
Love & Light,

Even though I live in Houston, I am part of the Austin Faerie Yahoo Group and want to be a member through Google+.  We are restarting the Houston Faeries with a Heart Circle March 16th, 2013.  I attend the NW Radical Faerie Gathering at Breitenbush every August in Oregon also with other Austin Faeries.

Love the new posting categories to choose from! <3

Thanx for the Invite! ;)

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