I am ze second account of Rasmus Lundin

Chest Rig (Insurgent)
Better Mountains
Vehicles for the three sides BluFor OpFor InDept
Generic OpFor Weapons
Generic BluFor Weapons
Generic InDept Weapons
More Tactical Vests
Spawn Area
Tactical Helmets and headgear

Alright welcome, everyone to CTF spin off dev group as i cannot make a group in roblox you'll have to join this one instead. Please be advised i am NOT a worker or a dev for pixure but a supporter/operator for his series i've now started a project known as "Operation: White Owl" and it will take the swedish army with it. CTF will be in but i fear that it would be copyright of the name if i were able to contact Pixure i may tell him that im making a spin off and ask him if i can use the name "CTF" in it. Well thats for me now goodbye, and stay tuned for updates Operators,
- Group Owner/Admin/Dev
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