Where am i? Oh no...am i lost again?

Name: Piratewei
Pokemon Species: Flareon
Attacks: Flare Blitz , Fire Fang , Bite , Shadow Ball
Gender: Male
Level: 50
Bio: An orphan since an egg, I travel the world in search for a place i can call home....Along the way, I accidentally stepped on a Fire Stone and became a Flareon. (all i could think of at the time)

+Rebecca The Shiny Eevee​ can you make a category called The Temple of Darkness this is only a request

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What do you peeps think of this fusion combination and tell what your combination would be.

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Name: Dark Lucario
Pokemon: Lucario
Attacks: Dark Aura Sphere, Bone Rush, Dark Embrace
Gender: male
Level: 45 (age: 19)
Bio: I was an abnormal riolu that was picked on, I was abandoned while I was an egg, and embraced the powers of darkness to survive...

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sits in my throne
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