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                                        REQUESTS ARE OPEN

I take digital requests but if you want paper ones you can just ask :D
I can draw:
digitaly - cats
                 humans (anime)
                    potatoes and waffles

To request you need to:
-tag me in a pic of your OC
-tell me what happens in the scene you want me to draw
-also request a background
-try and male it complicate
        -thank you :3



3-  4-  

5- 6-  7-  8-  

9-  10-  

Animated Photo

i feel like I should restart the community XD

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Made this in honor of Gay Marriage Legalized in America! :)

May I request, if it's okay..?

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+Nightengale Art 's request!!!!!! I hope you like it :3 Yes, this is how i draw chibi cats people XD 

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+Sparky The Jolteon™ 's request which was requested ages ago!!!! So Sparky clears throat I MADE YOU A SPEEDPAINT!!!!! Why? Because I made you wait for SOOOOOO long andhere's you request finally :3 I restarted it, because I wasnt really pleased with the first one and my style changed during the time I went missing from all social media if anyone noticed XD 
Seedpaint link:
I hope you like it :3 first i wasnt sure about Dakota's colours because I didnt read the description carefully enough XD Thats why when the speedpaint stops her tail is wrong :P but i fixed it on the pic

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Could I have a request?
Could they be passing each other
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+Lightning Heart  :3 your request!!!!

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+BrambleWing / Aile de Ronce can you do these guys? They're HalfHounds... (Wolfy creatures of Wolfyness)
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 NOW. PEOPLE. LISTEN TO ME. clears throat
Requests are closed untill I finish the requests these lovely people requested:
- +Anna Goh ಠ_ಠ 
- +Toxic Murder 
- +Wolfblood Shade 
- +Shineheart Productions 
- +Silentstream & co. 

+LeFabDomino Poe  your long animation will be continued slowly everyday till its finished :3 (and the picture is just for you to know that i already started it, hehe)
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