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We have another of the Necronomicon 2017 panels to share with you in the form of a special episode.

This time it's the turn of the Pulp Versus Pure panel, where our own +Paul Fricker teams up with +Lynne Hardy to defend pure Call of Cthulhu from the insidious pulp menace of +chris lackey and +Dan Kramer. +mike mason moderates, while rubbing his hands and cackling (or so I assume -- I wasn't actually there).

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Beginning the final segment of the Axthetable season 2.5, we have the first of a two-part cast as Ric & Rob are joined by +Joanna Piancastelli to share our thoughts on the best rpgs for beginniners. We also polled various UK rpg luminaries at Concrete Cow and so have a wide assortment of games suggested. Thanks to all who contributed and check out the Show Notes page for links to all the games.

0000 What were our criteria?
0342 Lady Blackbird (2009) by +John Harper
0721 Twenty Four Game Poems: Slower Than Light (2010) by +Marc Majcher
1219 #Feminism (2016) by various

1650 From Concrete Cow: +Lloyd Gyan on Dungeons & Dragons 5e (2014); Matt Nixon on Dungeons & Dragons 5e (2014); Amy on Firefly (2014); Mike Mason on Call of Cthulhu (1981-2014); Ian on Cthulhu Dark (2010-17)

1919 Always/Never/Now (2013) by +Will Hindmarch
2448 Microscope (2011) by +Ben Robbins
2940 Fiasco (2009) by +Jason Morningstar

3400 From Concrete Cow: Lloyd Gyan on Dungeon World (2012); +Paul Fricker on Dungeon World (2012); +Ralph Lovegrove on Beyond the Wall (2013); Andrew Burbage on Traveller (1977-2016); Matt Nixon on BRP (1980-2008)

3639 Love in the Time of Seið (2010) by +Matthijs Holter & Jason Morningstar
4125 Questlandia (2014) by +Hannah Shaffer & +Evan Rowland
4409 Monsterhearts (2012) by Avery Alder

4812 From Concrete Cow: Lloyd Gyan on Mutant Year Zero (2014); +James Mullen on Fiasco (2009); +James Torrance on Microscope (2011); +Scott Dorward on Primetime Adventures (2004-15); +The Magus on Intrepid (2013)

5053 Psi*Run (2007) by +Meguey Baker

5725 From Concrete Cow: Lloyd Gyan on Masks: A New Generation (2016); +Steve Ellis on Monsterhearts (2012); +Abstract Machine on Left Coast (2011-13); Cat on Best Friends (2007); Michael on Cheat Your Own Adventure (2012)

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Blatant plug alert!

I am happy to announce that the first issue of Dark Times is finally available. Spanning the horror-conspiracy-weirdness gaming genres, this premiere issue contains material forDelta Green, Dark Conspiracy, Trail of Cthulhu, Silent Legions and even a dash of Call of Cthulhu. Get your free copy from here:

If you are interested in submitting material or would like further information you can email us here:

Cheers all!

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Has anyone here played this?

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We're back and we're exploring the farthest reaches of sensation to bring you our look at Hellraiser. Clive Barker's 1987 portrayal of sadomasochists from beyond the grave has proved an enduring favourite. We cut into the flesh of it to try to understand why.

There is a fairly sizeable news segment this time, but not as sizeable as it could have been. We only mention our trip to Necronomicon in passing, as it would have greatly extended an already lengthy episode. We shall record our thoughts on it separately and put them out as a special episode.

And there is singing. Such singing. The Cenobites may think that they can inflict indescribable pain-pleasures on human nerves, but they are amateurs compared to us.

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My wife picked up these vaguely disturbing cthulhuish prints from Etsy. They are printed on old dictionary pages.
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Hullo Friends,

I've started blogging on various subjects, one of which is our ongoing HoTOE campaign, may contain spoilers although probably nothing major.

I've come to the realisation I'm scared to end up with a TPK.
What I expect to be our penultimate session of “The Blood Red Fez” occurred over the weekend, although we were a player down. Our hapless investigators went up against another Fez Monster, as I’ve mentioned before I’m a new CoC keeper and I’ve just…

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A hermit crab using a discarded doll's head as a shell. I thought you might enjoy the image.

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We're back with another special episode. While at Necronomicon 2017, we got together with our good friends from the Miskatonic University Podcast to discuss how to make your game more Lovecraftian. The panel was chaired by +mike mason and featured a puppet show, which translates oddly well to this audio-only medium.

We also recorded three other seminars while at the convention, all of which we shall release over the coming weeks. Watch your feed for updates!
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