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With Google+ on death row, let me point you in the direction of our other social media presences.





Discord is the liveliest of these for general discussion.

Most of our announcements can be found on Facebook and Twitter, with a fair amount of conversation in the latter.

We've only just started using Reddit for the Good Friends. Our hope is that its nested discussions could allow it to become a replacement for G+. It's early days, however, and there isn't much content on our subreddit yet. Please feel free to post the kind of stuff there as you have here.

If you want to preserve your data from Google+, you can download it in HTML format:

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Dear Good Friends!
I would like to thank each and every one of You for saying my name in last (149) episode. Let me just say that You do it with so brilliance like my name was some name of One of GOOs! Even my wife start to talk to me in Good Friends style!
Thanks again and cheers!
P.S. The long version for Patreons is pure gold!

I just picked up the HPLHS DART production of Masks of Nyarlathotep, and I could barely contain my joy hearing the three of you represented as the fictional good friends. Completely awesome.

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Dark Times issue 04 is FINALLY here - not my best effort but at least I'm back on track now! 😎 To get your copy just follow this here linky:


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We’re back and after two episodes we’re finally beginning our investigation of the real Dunwich Horror. Don’t blame us! It was Howie who devoted half his word count to a prologue.

There’s still one more episode to go before we wrap up this discussion. Well, assuming Professor Armitage saves the world before the story is done. Otherwise, the next voices you hear on the podcast may not issue from human throats.

Speaking of inhuman voices, we sing twice in this episode. We have a large backlog of people to sing to, so please bear with us. We will get to you. Your song is inescapable. Most things may never happen: this one will.

Does the Good Friends have a Discord Channel?

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I finished re-reading The Dream Quest of Unknown Kadath for the first time in about 15 years last night. Seems like it's cool to hate on this story, but all I know is that for the last few late night readings I've been transported. It's heady stuff. Yes it's HPL trying to 'do a Dunsany' and falling short, yes it's just a travelogue with a thin veneer of narrative, yeah CAS would have done it better, but come on, that final ascent to the immensities of Kadath, carried in a swarm of night-gaunts - that's like eldritch psychedelia right there.

The descriptions of Leng, too, - perhaps it's just that there's no double glazing in my flat, but I was there in the chill sterile immensities of that blasted place.

I like the fact that Carter's journey loops back on itself multiple times too - the escape up the Tower of Koth leads out of the stone trapdoor in the enchanted wood of the Zoogs he avoids in the first part, he returns to Dylath-Leen and gets on the RIGHT boat this time after escaping from capture the moon, and Sarkomand is used as a sort of rough base of operations from which to assault the nameless rock.

Plus the idea of King Kuranes teaching some inhabitants of Celephais to speak with a Cornish accent because it reminds him of home is unintentionally hilarious, at least to me as a native of the UK.

What are your favourite locations or experiences in the Dreamlands?

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We’re back and we’re creeping through the library, looking for the source of that dreadful smell and wondering why the whippoorwills are acting up again. This is the second part of our ongoing investigation into The Dunwich Horror.

Speaking of unwholesome intrusions upon human senses, we sing twice in this episode.

If you’re one of our backers, please check your Patreon feed for a rather unusual extra. We asked patrons on our Discord server what kinds of bonus material would appeal to them. One more popular suggestion was for outtakes from our recording sessions. Well, as of this episode, we’re sharing a raw cut, with only the most legally compromising material removed. Please let us know whether we have made a terrible mistake.
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