Hello! I wanted the title of this to be: "I want to make friends but i'm awkward, dont know how, and communities that are too big scare me" but alas the title was too long.

Now that that is out of the way, i just want to say that this is just kind of a "I want new friends" group, for people to interact, and, well, find new friends.

It will depend on the person what exactly their interests are, but the people that will be accepted into this community will be members of the fandoms/ general communities of any of the following:

-Dan and Phil
-Yuri!!! on Ice
-Harry Potter
-Dodie Clark
-Evan Edinger
-Puns/dad jokes
-other stuff???? idk I'll probably stalk your profile for a while to just get a general sense of your personality


i really don't know what else to say

as an artist and a writer myself, it would be great for other artists/writers to join and maybe we can collaborate and give (friendly) criticism and stuff.

ok thats it bye
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