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Speed World 4 effect
this cards cannot be destroyed or affected by other part effects. during every player standby phase each player games one speed counter, spell cards cannot be activated unless you have the appropriate amount of speed counters,
2⊙ you can play quick spells
3⊙ you can play normal spells
4⊙ you can play equip spells
5⊙ you can play continuous and ritual spells
6⊙ you can play pendulum monsters as spells
12⊙ you can play Fields spells,
when ever you take battle damage you lose one spell counter for every 800 points of damage

Hey does anyone wanna help me test out speed world 4 in a duel?

+Yugi Muto
I was looking around, taking in all the sights of the newly rebuilt New Domino City. As I walked, I bump into you.

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Name: John
Age: 24
Type of duelist: Entertainment (multiple summonings)
Deck: Performance of Centuries
Bio: I have traveled over all the dimensions, learning the different summonings and how to enact them into my Entertainment style dueling. I was inspired by my mentor, Yuya Sakaki, and his father, Yusho Sakaki. Now I hope to bring smiles to all the planes of existence.

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Name: EJ
Duel runner: Red dust cyclone
Deck: Anything I get my hands on
Type of dueler: Hunter and entertainer
Bio: I am a hunter who is searching for rare numbered Synchro monsters, I look far and wide for them. And I like to see the smiles on people faces.
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