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Hi Everybody,
I am trying to find a way to be able to buy and upgrade my music equipment. Also looking at going back to school, now that found a niche. I'd like to try to get into a summer program to get my pre lims. then apply to music school to become a music therapist or get into music ministry. The first step is just to get skills and confidence by working hard. I think this is a neat way to do that cause if I am not working at it I will not gain support. Its just like a tip jar. I don't think there is a minimum or max pledge. The more I can earn from it the better everything will get too. I can then offer better incentives. You will definitely see growth. I just am trying it out. You can come along if you'd like to. Also I will post the referal link in case you are a creator too. Thanks so much for your time . I really wanted to earn it not just beg for it. Hope to see you over there.

--So here is the ink to my page, not sure if it fully up yet cause I haven't launched it live. I will send you a date for that. Below is the creator link which will help both you and I with funds.
Support Kayanna Ottaway @Shineanyway09 on @patreon. #OnPatreon

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