Guys you forgot to promote the fact your "Trax for Smart"
software has been updated..!!!

Fantastic to see I can now put it on a laptop and get it to auto run when the machine boots... ;-)  [as you have split the apps into two...]

Just realized you guys were on here.... ;-)

I just asked this question via support..

"Was wondering if you can help me with Trax 2.2

I was hoping to get it to auto run the Real time Plotter when a laptop starts ?

As the laptop sends the data to the internet PVOUTPUT and if it reboots…I just want it to kick itself off again…

Is you software command line runnable ? to make it auto open ? 

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Would it be possible to use an eco-eye mini transmiter to send information to a eco-eye smart PV display?

I have an eco-eye mini and have recently purchased an eco-eye PV.
The eco-eye mini is installed between the electricity meter and the first circuit breaker box, on the ground floor, and it works great!

Now, I need to install the eco-eye PV sensors, but the solar stuff is in the roof, meaning that the power line coming from the inverter is far from the meter. So, in practice, its not possible to connect all the sensors to the eco-eye PV transmitter.

I was wondering, since I already have a sensor and a transmitter in the meter (from the eco-eye mini), can I re-use it in the PV setup.
In other words, could the the eco-eye PV smart display receive the information from the two different transmitters?

I have included a draft of what I mean.

Thanks in advance,
Merry Christmas,

Excellent service ..thank you Peter ..replacment arrived today and system back up and working again ...will pop the duff one in the post back to you as soon as i can ...

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Welcome everybody to this community for users of our monitors.
For information about Eco-eye's products go to our website.
I will be putting useful information about our monitors here both for support and development.
Good luck
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