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Sunday School Roles

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Sunday School
Names & Numbers

Prayer Requests
- Kathy Gonten’s Mom and Dad are going to Good Samaritan’s.  Pray for their 
- Pam Christenson’s niece, Olivia going to Chicago Children’s Hospital for spinal 
specialiasts to review her condition.
- Pray for family of Fay Wanda Glen.  Her special needs daughter dealing with her 
- Sherry McGoldrick – Chemotherapy treatments.
- Dean Hudson – Begins teaching a new class next Sunday
- Alice Coats parents health
- Paula Thitoff’s family
- Judy Conrad not feeling well
- Susan Thornton - Allergies
- Tonya Coy – Unspoken
- Haiti mission team
- Praise – Steve and Susan’s niece had a healthy baby girl, Aubrey Ann Gilmer!

Continuing Prayer Requests 

- Drew Keaster – continue to pray as he heals, pray for his return to God.
- John & Judy Dillard, their son-in-law and grandchildren (Laurent, Zoe & Alovia)
- Sandra Lackey’s niece (Jessica Swindle) and children - Bad relationship.
- Sandra Lackey’s daughter Brittni – pray for natural delivery instead of c-section   
  when she has the baby due July 3rd.
- Elsie (76 year old missionary) – In Afghanistan.
- Don Zeller relocated to Jonesboro and for his health. 
- Donna Kohnen’s brother-in-law, Bob has a blood disorder and needs a heart 
  transplant.   Unknown spiritual condition. 
- Larry McCallister – Kathy Gonten’s brother.  He is in Afghanistan reorganizing
  the Corps of Engineers battalions.  He will be there from 3-6 months.
- Kathye Shy  
- Garry Patterson 
- Our children and grandchildren
- Our Sunday School Class 
- Our Church Family
- Our Pastor Search Committee
- Our future Pastor and family
- Our Church leaders
- Our interim Pastor Richard Harris
- Our national, state, and local leaders
- Revival in our nation
- For the peace of Israel
- For your teacher
Traveling Members 

- Kathye Shy return from Fayetteville
- Dustin and Tonya Coy travelling to St. Louis next weekend 
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