part 2

Hunting limits

Seek the truth and to be ready for it - two different things. Questions about the configuration of the universe always stood before me. However, in a world, where every question has a lot of answers and most of them are wrong, the correct answer is impossible, without the proper method. Sometimes we are right to answer the call of destiny and live quietly on, not thinking about the fact that we were just lucky. If we set ourselves the task of answering questions correctly always or in most cases, then rely on luck is not enough. Must be something that will be a guiding light through the abyss of errors. I remember when I first moved my assemblage point. It was a physics lesson in grade 9. The teacher told us about the probability theory of Albert Einstein. Weight, speed, light has not been for me like before, like I am. Inviolability of borders shaken - this new information shocked me. I learned that my conception of reality can be radically different from the reality actually is and, most importantly, the presence of any border was a threat to the objective study of anything there, since the phenomenon may be much bigger our beliefs about it. Understanding the immateriality of any borders has greatly improved my research of anything, and as a result, the list of my questions is opened and is constantly updated.

I always asked a lot of questions, and I felt much better when I get an answer, however, when simple questions were asked and answers received, the main objective was not looking for answers, and finding issues. To find an interesting question, it is necessary to delve into the limits of knowledge, and that was to become my method. However, it is not easy to understand what you really know. To do this, you need to clearly recognize the limits of your knowledge because that is where the greatest interest. Therefore, the main challenge for me was just searching for the limits of my knowledge. In a place where our mind encounters a region of ignorance, we can find the boundaries that have to be immediately destroyed. Questions and answers have stopped to be important over time, if the question is correct, sooner or later, mind finds the answer and calm down, but my search for the boundaries becomes an exciting experience. The real challenge - in finding the limiting boundaries.

Observation is the key to everything. If I can say that a man is clever that means I can say that he is observant. Observation - is the cognitive resultant of intelligence. The question of whether you're born an artist or not - this is a secondary issue, as the question of the ability or inability to feel love. Percentage distribution of talent among the minds of people does not mean anything - but the fact of the prerequisites to comprehension even among a small number of people is important. All people dream from time to time, and relate to their dreams as to the probability and the possible reality in the future, but in fact these dreams only an assumption. Why should we limit ourselves in this assumption? Why do you dream of a million dollars, if you can dream of a billion? After all, the reality all the same whether it will blossom one tree or a garden. How can you not believe in a miracle considering that the whole universe around us wonder, though, as we are (more on this later).

Every day of my conscious life I have tried to learn something that would help me to comprehend any part of the general knowledge of life mechanics. Irreconcilability to amateurish position, more than whatever, led me to a road of a professional scientific knowledge. I have a fairly deep knowledge of almost all the achievements of modern science and the scientific community. Quantum physics, genetics, medicine, philosophy, art ... it's all I'm interested in and what influences my outlook. I say all this in order to give an idea of ​​my personal history and experience. Before I begin to describe certain events have occurred to me, I felt it necessary to introduce myself, in the part that may be important as a cause of the incident. I am a skeptic, I do not accept superficial judgments and primitive point of view, I want you to remember this, reading my notes, all I'll tell - the truth. All that, the events I have described have a clear mark in my memory, and the memory of accidental and nonaccidental witnesses.

And so, as I have already said, my knowledge is extensive, as well as opportunities for reflection on this knowledge, so what happened to me in the beginning of January 2013 can be attributed to coincidence, but now I do not think so. Walking the path of knowledge sooner or later I could not ignore the issue of the expansion of consciousness by means of meditative practices and substance use. Just say, that I did not connect with anything illegal, so my choice fell on harmaline. Reversible inhibitor of MAO-A and the central nervous system stimulant. I bought a small amount of harmal seeds (Peganum harmala L) and decided to use it to look inside myself and answer a couple of questions that I was interested. From that moment, I would like to begin my story, which will exceed all your expectations, as well as mine. But January 1, 2013 I did not know and could never imagine what the consequences will overtake me. Now I understand that a chain of subsequent events can only be described as fate.

part 1

I have never had an account in social networks, in the course of events of my life were only the people close to me, so my page that I created in google+ is the only link with the society, through which I will be spread in the Internet parts of my story, to the extent of writing. I do not think that my name is a significant fact for my story, at the same time, some parts may unpredictably affect my future life. I was born and live in Russia, I am a patriot of my country and  I wish happiness and prosperity to my country, but the laws of my country harsh and many of my compatriots unlikely to treat with understanding to my story, so I remain anonymous. English is not my native language, so I apologize in advance for grammatical errors and lexical errors in my presentation, I assume, however, that English-language readers will be easier to understand me, than my own countrymen.

I have never had a thought of creating a blog, or use the Internet for communication. A week ago I would not have believed that I venture to this confession. However, the importance of the story that I want to tell, the awareness of the fact that this applies to everyone, give me strength, and I will try to finish my story for a few weeks. For me not important comments and discussion, my goal is only to tell the people everything. I hope that you will find in this story responses to events occurring in the world the last few months, All questions which stood in front of me all my life - received answers in the unintentional experience which I felt, and, perhaps, all that I have to create in my life will be less important than something that has already happened.
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