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HAPPY CHRISTMAS EVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wrote this at 1:16pm at night

Then she met this boy... Jacob. She loved him, he was her get away from everything. She was writing her daily blog and hoping that he wouldn't see that she liked him. The next day she was at school and he saw her so he said," Hey, I saw your blog on Saturday, I really liked it, whose that mystery boy?" Lily replied with um, it's a secret, but he goes to this school and he is really cute and he's standing right in front of me.... he's you. Well, Jacob said I kinda like you too. That's is today guys <3

She would love it if she would be able to go back to regular school but her dad is still scared that she would get teased. But she said, "Dad, I'm 14 I'm in 7 grade I can handle myself." SO she went to school and she didn't get teased... she was suprised! well thats all for today <3.

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I want these RIght NOW!!

hey guys gtg

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