Whats up guys does anyone know where to find the food for thought question it say its in the 50 min. Vid but I cant see it

Jasper and Dominic- Add me on Skype : luegawa@hawaii.edu. And please add June Kim on Skype: asianqueenass Please include your email address so I can get you guys in our Google docs. As for tomorrow: June Kim will be available after 2pm, and I should be available after 3pm. Hope we can get together and complete before wed, @11:59pm to post on G+. Thanx guys. 😎

Sorry guys I have been busy and I dont have a computer at home I only use my phone to communicate with you guys. So What's the plan?

Hey guys, Please list the best days and times are free for you so we can get together on Skype and discuss more on our topic for our assignment. Thanx guys!

Guys What is the other homework for this class?

Ok Guys I will vote for Brain Computer. I will put that in the google docs right now so we do not get a zero.

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