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{Rule 1}
You must have a profile before rping and it must be approved just to keep order in the system. You do not have to use the profile template and may use your own or someone else's (if using someone else's you must have their permission.) The profile template is just for those who would like to use it.

{Rule 2}
You may have unlimited characters and there are face claims. You may NOT steal someone else's character if you do it is an automatic ban. Do Not make your character op or perfect and don't control someone else's character. No canon characters.

{Rule 3}
Ok so this is not meant to be a descriptive community and thus is not a real rule more of a suggestion. Try to be descriptive it makes too no so much fun for everyone. So try to do at least five words.

{Rule 4}
Do NOT ask to be a mod that gets on my nerves and makes me so mad. If I want you I want you if I don't I don't. Sorry not sorry but you must prove your worth to me. That being said do NOT disrespect me or my mods because if I promote them they instantly become my new friend and I will not let you be mean to my friend. Also do NOT bully another member,it's fine in rps but not actually bullying,I'm always watching.

{Rule 5}
Keep it rated 13. NO vulgar nudity. No sexual/nude images. Swearing is allowed. You will get a strike for this.

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Don't post spam or promote other communities without my permission. By that I mean NO spam. If you want to post a community you must ask. If you don't ask you will get on my nerves but it will not be a strike till the third time you do if.

{Rule 7}
Don't kill off anyone's characters without permission. If you do this it will be a strike. Like really it is annoying and just rude so don't do it. Or else.

{Rule 8}
You must ask to date/be friends with someone else's character. Do not assume just because you like the character your character can date or be friends with them. If they say no it's no end of story.

{Rule 9}
There is a strike system. First you get a waring then three strikes and you are banned. I will tell you if you have a strike so you know.

{Have fun on this community and follow the rules to make things easier. If you have any questions just ask me.}

Continuation Post for +Rainy Day

August smiles as they made the short walk to Todd's house from his house. Holding onto his hand hoping to give Aristotle the strength he need to do this.

David watched Simon as he talked. "What was this scary man's name? Did he have tattoo on him?"

Harper grabbed two plates and put a slice of pizza on each.

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"Don't you dare touch my baby brother."
"I don't really like you that much."
"Leave me alone."

"Rosie look at the rainbow."
"I miss my mama."
"Can we go home now?"

"I'm Simon Marks and it's nice to meet you!"
"Rose Marks"
"Be happy Rosie."
"No thanks Si"

"I'm thirteen and he's a baby."
"I'm not a baby I'm six."

Rose is female while Simon is male.

Rose was born May 17.
Simon was born January 5.

Mother~ Christie Marks, alive
Father~ Jacob Marks, deceased

They don't have a pack they kinda just wander around homeless, though eventually the London pack will take them in.


Simon is a happy ball of energy that sees the good in the world no matter what is going on. He is always bubbly and loves to talk to people.

Rose is closed off and protective of her baby brother since it's just them two. She doesn't really warm up to people and can be sassy and rude.

Appearance or pic:
((I'll add later))
Face claim:
Simon~ Ocean Maturo
Rose~ Jade Pettyjohn

Rose is straight while Simon is six and doesn't really understand the concept.

Relationship status:
Both are single

Rose was seven when Simon was born and couldn't be happier that she was going to be an older sister. While growing up they're dad was always in and out barely staying at home for a week. When Rose was twelve and Simon was five they're dad was home and was babysitting them but then they got attacked by a pack of rogue werewolves, the wolves killed their dad but turned them. Because their mom was so upset she kicked them out which made them live on the streets homeless. They now travel the streets of London begging and stealing to survive.

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He's a drug that's slowly killing me.
I'm fine I promise now just leave me alone please I have to go do some paper work.
Caleb Moore London Pack leader son to Michael and Charolette Moore I am here to pay for my fathers sins.

Caleb Page Moore
//Though sometimes he'll accidentally say Caleb Tyler but he always corrects himself because neither he or his "husband" changed their last name even though he wanted to.\\



April 29

Michael Moore/Father/deceased
Charolette Moore/Mother/deceased
Harper Tyler/Husband/Alive

He's the leader of the London Pack


Caleb is very responsible and level headed always doing what is right for the pack and always putting them first and himself second. He is always stressed and sad but he puts on a mask when he's around others. He is a good leader and great with people.
On the inside Caleb always feels sick because he's in love with someone who want love him back and he never sleeps because of all the work he has to do.

Appearance or pic:
Caleb was a tan boy with so much life but after Harper ran away he became pale and super skinny now he just stays that way. Once super young he now has worry lines across his forehead and dark circles under his eyes. He just looks sick, tired, and stressed.
He is 5'8 with light brown hair and blue eyes. He also has freckles covering his face.

Face claim:
Wynston Shannon


Relationship status:
Married though it's a complicated marriage.
+Benjamin Iovino

Caleb was born to the leader of the London pack Michael and his wife Charolette. Two weeks after his birth his mother was brutally murdered by a shadowhunter which then made his dad turn bitter. At age six he was engaged to Harper Tyler and even though he didn't know what love was he was in love, he could tell Harper didn't feel the same way though always hoped that he would eventually. While they grew up he understood why Harper would date other people because they agreed that they could until a certain age, he never did date others wanting to keep himself for Harper. When Harper ran away with Todd Caleb felt his world crashing down on him then Harper came back and he was happy till he found out that Harper still hates him. Then his dad was killed for putting a shadowhunter under a love spell and he didn't have time to morn instead the pack voted him as leader and he had to lead, three days later him and Harper were married. A week after that three Shadowhunters came and told him that twice for five months he has to go to Idris for two days so they can beat him for his fathers deed, his pack tried to fight it but he told them it was for the best and when he's gone Harper is in charge. The other boy refused to share a room or even wear the ring which just about killed Caleb.
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Emily walks down a street and sighs softly. She trained lately to control her telekinesis and her emotions. Which she did. And now she can control her power a little longer when she is angry or scared but it's still not good enough
Which is why she is currently trying to find a place to live in. So she can live somwhere where she could have some peace and quiet. Which she can't have at the orphanage. But for now she can't seem to find anything.

||Closed To:|| +Benjamin Iovino

Maximus is walking down the street when a child around the age of two or three runs into him sobbing. Max immediately picks up the kid and breaks out of the crowd of people. What's wrong? He asks softly trying to soothe the kid. The child then starts to explain about how he lost his dad in the crowd then some man started to chase him. I'll help you find your dad, what's his name? The kid sniffles and rest his head on his shoulder while telling him that his dad's name is David. Max nods and scans the crowd to find any concerned dad's walking around he doesn't see one but he does see a very large man walking their way. Is that you're dad? The kid shakes his head quickly. That's the man who is chasing me. Before he can even do anything the man is too them and has the two of them against a wall of a nearby shop. Help! David help! He screams hoping that the dad of this child is near.

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Name: Rebecca Lillianne Larkwood
Nickname: Becca
Age: 18
Gender: female
Sexuality: straight
Type: Shadowhunter


Hair color: black
Hair style: wavy
Eye color: blue
Facial features: first three pics
Body style: average
Height: 5'11
Runes: unknown (will be wrote)


Food: strawberries
Color: navy blue
Animal: seal
Weapons: dagger, sword, any close combat weapons
Thing to do: train

Her parents died in a tragic fire when she was only nine. They were both Shadowhunters and she was adopted by another Shadowhunter in th institute. She's been living there ever since. The rest about her history is unknown...

Kind, smart, social, funny, friendly, stubborn, selfless, agile, quick


Mother: Lucy Prince~ Died in a fire
Father: Xavier Larkwood~ Died in a fire
Father who adopted her: Liam Malcolm
Siblings: none
Crush: OPEN
Friends/Allies: OPEN
Enemies: none... yet

"I'm a nightmare dressed like a daydream..." (-Taylor Swift)
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RP anyone?

Choices are:

Corinne Verlac-Shadowhunter
Honora Queen-Warlock

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"Im sorry that the Clave hurt you so badly, but can you at least give me another chance to be your friend."
"My parent disowned me because I've become a werewolf. The son they know is merely a ghost."
"My name is David Reyes now.."
Name: David Asher Reyes Lovelace
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Birthday: April 16
▪Jamie Lovelace
▪Regina Lovelace
▪Elias Reyes, Son
Pack/titles: London Pack
Weapons/Powers: None
Personality: David is a kind and soft person to everyone he meets.
Appearance: David is a fairly average height for his age. He is five feet and nine inches. Weight around a hundred and thirty pounds he has always been skinny compared to other male shadowhunters. He has brown hair that he usually brushes to the side and pushes back to keep out of his eyes. His eyes are steel blue and mistaken for grey color depending on the lighting in the room. On his cheeks and nose he has very faint colored freckles that get dark during the summer. On his arms, back and chest are faded scars of runes from his shadowhunter days. Along with his rune scars are claw marks and a bite mark on his right shoulder from his encounter with the werewolf that turned him.
Face claim: Froy Gutierrez
Sexuality: Homosexual
Relationship status: Taken for +Rainy Day​​​
Bio: David was born on a hot spring afternoon in April to two young shadowhunters; Jamie and Regina Penhallow. His family raised him the Barcelona institute which his family runs. The son of the Penhallow family, Elijah, became his best friend. After the first rune ceremony they vowed to become parabatai. To always have each other's back no matter what happened. The two families grew throughout the years.

David always hid his feeling for Elijah after he start to grow feelings for him. After the death of his parabatai parents he couldn't hide how he felt. In the process of trying to comfort Elijah he confessed his feelings. Only to stop the other boy from going on a suicide mission to kill the Clave. At the age of seventeen the two hid their relationship for two years. Then on a mission to kill a rogue werewolf they were seperated. He was brutally attacked and died. Somehow the sideaffect to him being attacked turned him into a werewolf. He awoke scared and alone in Idris. His body was being prepared to be cremated. Screaming out for Elijah he couldn't feel their bond. The two were separated and the Clave banished him back to Spain.

After coming home he experienced his first full moon, and was forced to change. His family disowned him and he started his journey. To find Elijah; his mother's final words to him lead him to England. He was brought into the London pack. Up in getting there he met a teenage girl and they became good friends. Karen had a two year old son who grew very attached to him. He saw him as his own child and helped raise him. Then one night Karen went out with some friends, and never came home. Leaving Elias in his care to look after. After a year of not finding Karen or Elijah he gave up his search. Deciding that he start over his new life as David Reyes, or at least that's what he thought. It's funny how the past can come back to haunt you.
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Todd Starkweather and Annastasia Blackthorne's daughter, Sofia Starkweather

+Rainy Day
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