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Upgrades for my Adobe Analytics and DTM debuggers now available at

It's open source so it's free to use but on an as-is basis. Please let me know you are running into bugs or have feature requests

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Ah and since I'm on a roll here's the deck for my presentation at BrightonSEO about 10 days ago. This is a follow-up on my Measurecamp London 9 (last summer) talk

I have also upgraded the library and modules in the past few days. Make sure you are using the latest version:

Any chance MeasureCamp will come to Canada?

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Here is my notes from my discussion session at MeasureCamp London - "My CMS has analytics tools - Discuss"

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We are on the hunt for Speakers for eMetrics London.  Have a few more good names (need to follow up with) since the blog post was published but looking for more - especially client side.  Leave a comment if interested or if want to nominate someone you thought gave a great talk at any MeasureCamp.

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Brilliant day! Thanks to the organisers and participants. I'm very flattered to get such positive feedback on my session about WW2 photo recon and digital analytics, it was a lot of fun to do.

I can't post my full slide deck at the moment but here are the two books I mentioned:
"Spies in the Sky" by historian Taylor Downing, most of the material I talked about is taken from here and it's a great read:

"Most Secret War" by R.V. Jones. Jones was a protagonist not just a historian! If you read only one WW2 history book in your entire life make it this one.

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Hi All,

I was thinking or re-running the "Templates" session in the afternoon at 3:50pm tomorrow. But, I was going to make one change this year... you must bring a template that you can share publicly in-order to enter the room (as last year, it was mainly me sharing my templates and it needs more diversity).

Example templates you can share include:
• GA heathchecks
• GTM audit
• Technical SEO audits
• PPC audits
• API tricks to auto-audit

I will then add the collected templates to the public Dropbox folder

Does that sound like a fair request? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below...



Hi All,

Does anyone have recommendations for session recording tools for viewing customer sessions on small/medium site. We only want to pull in a sample to confirm a hypothesis. 

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Hi All, I have been working on an innovation project at work to  use GA to track our development releases automatically including Jira tickets and GH commits- its proved to be massively useful.  ( Its a great use case for  good old GA Measurement Protocol)

I might do a talk about it at MC. In the mean time- have a look at the blog post and share your feedback.  We have released the code as opensource.

I'm putting together the sponsor pack for measurecamp 8. Does anyone have anything lovely to say about measurecamp? Why do you guys think people should sponsor the event?
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