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Why do #MeasureBowling when... you can do MeasureBowling with #Lasers! sign-up here:

This event is on the Friday before #MeasureCamp Cardiff. Cost is £17pp for 2 games.

Funny hats or glow sticks are encouraged ;)


+Phil Pearce

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Hi All,

I wondering what talk to do at #MeasureCamp #Cardiff. I have 3 in mind but need to pick the best one:

1. Pirate scanner: Free tag scanning solution that uses "flags" to find old GA tracking code & combined with a patch for the builtwith AP-eye for GA code coverage checks and/or a custom config of Screaming Parrot. See screenshot at end of this post for an example of the scanner method that has been shipped to live. This talk would contain lots of bad joke ;)

2a. GTM creative use-cases to copy: Examples from the wild of where a GTM method has save a huge amount of time, or resulting in increased revenue (e.g. AffiliateId tracking, Scheduled Call tracking, Cross-domain hacks, GA spy migrations, Auto-QA, Overlays & personalisation, Layered privacy policys, Conditional/personalisation Social buttons and more)

2b. GTM f++k-ups & how to prevent them: Examples from the wild of where a critical mistakes have been made that lead to wasted QA time or broken websites (e.g. GA/GTM Cookie buffer overflow on apps using 10min pushState, missing opening script tags, other user-errors in custom HTML, hostname whitelists or not using hostname wildcards, double-tagging, £1m test transactions and more)

3. Plan a Digital Analytics Training Strategy for an Analytics Agency: I did a draft plan/presentation on this & it would be good to get feedback and use this for a discussion:

4. I can re-do any of the other 34 talks from other MeasureCamps (DataStudio demo dashboards/quiz or SEO dataLayer are good ones).

Let me know which I should pick in the comments below...



cc: +Nathan Stockford +Jon Boon +Jono Alderson +Jeff Sauer +Peter O'Neill +Gerry White +Kelly McClean +Simo Ahava +Tim Leighton-Boyce +Tim Stewart
+Charles Meaden +JoJo Sawyer +Dave Gough

Other MeasureCamps talks from slideshare:

1. Top 10 Digital Marketing & Analytics Templates to save you time!
2. Top 10 Google Analytics tips to save you money!
3. Top 10 Analytics Tools to improve Customer Insight
4. 4 clicks 2 Measurement - Analytics Automation
5. Lean Analytics: How to find & test innovative Growth Hacks using Analytics
6. PPC Growth Hacking
7. Google Data Studio: Demo Dashboards
8. SEO analytics: How to report & improve performance
9. CRO analytics: How to Continually Optimise
10. Analytics & Optimisation for University sites
11. Most Advanced GTM Deployment. Ever!
12. GTM Tools Checklist
13. The Kamasutra of GTM container positions
14. Google Tag Manager Flash Tips
15. Resident Implementation
16. Benefits of Google Tag Manager
17. SEO dataLayer 3: Supercharging your Organic CTR
18. SEO dataLayer 2: Your Structured Sites Judgement Day
19. JSON-LD SEO Cheatsheet
20. Server-side data append –, SuperMetrics and demo`s
21. Common mistakes with media tagging (utm tags) and how to fix them!
22. Digital analytics upskilling & career tips
23. A study of digital data about yourself - By Phil Pearce
24. Web Analytics Exchange Project
25. QR code uses cases & Digital Marketing podcasts
26. Analytics Crystal maze
27. Realtime Google Analytics game
28. Analytics + Comedy
29. Mind Controlled Drone Tracking
30. VR headset tracking
31. Blackhat Analytics 3 - Do be evil: Force awakens
32. Blackhat Analytics - DarkScore test to printout
33. 2012-Oct: Effect of EU cookie law on US organisations
34. Best of the Best: Summary of talks from MeasureCamp, SuperWeek & eMetrics Conferences


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If you haven't spoken at measurecamp before, but would like to, we are giving away tickets outside the normal process (just drop Peter an email with your suggested title and a short description and we'll do the rest).

If you have spoken at measurecamp but know someone who hasn't but would like to come, please pass this on to them:

Howdy, Prep is underway to hold the next MeasureCamp in London. MeasureCamp 10 in fact. Some of you may already have your tickets.

Now there is this pesky matter of paying for it. So I am on the hunt for sponsors. If you would like to see a company (vendor or another) at MeasureCamp, please make any suggestions. Better still please suggest companies and contacts. Many thanks. 

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Next London measurecamp ticket release is this evening at 7pm - for those of you in back to back work meetings we do one out of hours release.

Don't be slow though, there are only 40 tickets and they go fast.

The next release after that is in mid Jan. 

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