100% Pure Moscow Mule Copper Mugs (Set of 4)- 16 Ounce with 4 Artisan Hand Crafted Wooden Coasters-Classic


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100% Pure #MoscowMuleCopperMugs (Set of 4)- 16 Ounce with 4 Artisan Hand Crafted Wooden Coasters-Classic

Copper Mugs

The mugs are, by my standards, high quality. As explained by the seller, they are thick and solid. They have a great feel to them. And the custom coasters are a nice touch. The coasters are made from some kind of what that has a nice aroma. Not cedar, but not pine. You'll definitely want to use the coasters, because as with all mule cups, these babies sweat. But they stay nice and cold. Just long enough for you to drink your favorite mule concoction.

Get it yours - https://advancedmixology.com/products/advanced-mixology-moscow-mule-100-pure-copper-mugs-set-of-4-16-ounce-with-4-artisan-hand-crafted-wooden-coasters-classic

I was grateful the seller provided additional information. Such as, always choose mule cups with welds, not rivets. I never really thought about this until they mentioned bacteria. So I did some research to see if they were just pulling my chain. Nope. They were right. Copper cups are great to drink from. Copper actually helps reduce bacteria. However, rivets are not a tight seal. Water and dirt can get trapped in the smallest of voids and before you know it - bacteria. So that was a nice little tip. Also included was a nice write-up about the care of the mule cups and even how to remove tarnish over time. Along with the disclaimer that copper WILL tarnish at some point. The seller was very upfront about everything.

The only thing that would have made this even more special would have been an option for a nice cedar box to store them. However, I can live without it. Or, I can make myself a Moscow Mule and head out to the garage and design/make my own.

Happy (responsible) drinking. You'll love these.
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