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The thick fog rolled in You want to hear a story well.....its a long one. You know once this was called the united states right and the axis did not control ever thing. Yah i recall those days. Most don't....No they grew under the eyes of the germans of the jap's. So what do you say boy you with us or not. 

It's the early 1970's. WW2 ended 30 years ago. But we did not win. The axis beat us. But where not done not yet. No today across the globe the few free nations and the resistance fight back so the old world can be brought back. Thought the cost will be right back 

Character lay out: 
Where you live:
Military or not:
Sexual oration:

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Name: Adam Walker
Age: 38
Home: Chicago, Illinois
Rank: Captain
Position: Heidrichs second-in-command
Weapons: MP-5
Allegiance: Nazi USA
Personality: Brutal, Cunning, sly, mercenary-minded
Background: Walker was once a US Army sergeant, until he was offered a high-ranking position in the German Army, under the command of General Heidrich. He accepted and, during the invasion, brutally executed his squad and gave the location of his regiment, which was entirely destroyed.

Main Story The Spark of war
November 21st 1971 
4 Nazi airship hung low over the rain filled skies as the rain filled the street 5 Nazi armored cars drove down the road. Where the hell is he. Just wait walker. Ok ok Newport. Good man now then Grabs his gear. Ok then well lets go they climb down into an ally way. (Open)

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Name: Wolfgang von Heidrich
Age: 50
Home: Berlin, Germany
Rank: General
Position: Commander of New York City Garrison
Weapons: Usually none
Allegiance: Nazi USA
Personality: Cunning, ruthless, determined, loyal

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Name: MP5
Type: Submachine Gun
Range: 200mm
Ammo: 9x19mm Parabellum
Magazine: 32 Rounds
Manufacturer: HK
Allegiance: Nazi USA

Name:David Newport
Job:Factory Job
Where you live: Nazi USA
Money:500 Richmarks 
Military or not:Not
Sexual oration: Straight
Siblings: One brother and sister
Weapons: Knife, Colt 45
Gear: 1960's car,key to the bunker,what ever he can find.
Bio:Why you want to know about me? Alright fine i will talk. I was born like most in the 50's,but my dad he fought in the second world war. He told me about what the Nazi did. Grabs a cigar Well i mean it...its fucking bullshit. So i found a group who would fight them. Found some guns,gear,and a safe house. We loaded up been fighting for 5 years now. Hell the whole USA is in flames we got them hurt but there not dead we keep going,but in the end we will win. So boy you with us. 
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