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after the defeat of the norikan empire at the fields of hanashi they needed time to recover there army knight captain: thoma harkengard was cleaning his sword and shield of blood while the vampire princess helped tend to the wounded with the healers they had lost hundreds of men the kou empire had took there glory but they would be back +Eragon vs Gaming thoma says" here my friend drink you will need it " he hands you a water bottle (open rp)
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name FT MK1

crew 2

Canon 37mm

5 fire extinguishers

50 shells in ammo box

Height 20.9

Weight 300

Armor bio medium

15 mph

Production cost 30 thousand coins

Tanks that are ready 230 

Faction kou empire
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name Sebastian

age 4 thousand years old

Height 6.5

Eye color dark red

Weight 155

Weapon bio 1 demon poisoned throwing knive's

weapon bio 2 portable water cooled machine gun

weapon bio 3 grenades

love bio none

Relatives unknown

origin Sebastian was a demon created by the devil to explore the Earth Sebastian lived as a butler with the Phantomhive family for 4000 years his favorite in the family was Ciel Phantomhive he was an mature child now adult Sebastian also takes care of Ciel Phantomhives children 2 children to be exact

job bio Butler and guard of Ciel Phantomhive

 crap I forgot the photos

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I forgot the photos so here are the photos people
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jack foxmen

age 26

Gender male

weapon bio 1 double barreled bolt action rifle

weapon bio 2 Japanese katana blade

eye color black

Height 6.1

Weight 209

job guard of Ciel Phantomhive

Origin he was once a proud Soldier for the kou Empire as he lived in a military family he joined the the military at the age of 19-21 his last rank of being a soldier was Captain he retired from the military then decided to look for some jobs he decided to be the guard of Ciel Phantomhive he was the guard of the Phantomhive family for 3 years

Love bio none

Children bio none

Relatives bio 2 sisters 1 brother father mother grandmother grandfather uncle and 4 cousins
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name Ciel Phantomhive

age 30

Height 6.3

Weight 201

Weapon bio 1 Prussian dagger

Weapon bio 2 hand made M1X

Melee weapon bio 3 Japanese dagger

eye color demon green (right eye)

gender male

Faction kou empire

Love bio married

Children bio 2

job Emperor and empress guard dog

origin bio Ciel Phantomhive lived in a great life with his two parents as his parents were business people and were filled with riches until at the age of 9 his house burned down and his two parents died the Butler Sebastian told the company to rebuild the house and they did in 4 months Sebastian in private told Ciel he was a demon and he told him he could do a contract Ciel seid yes his left eye was replaced with a demon contract that's why he wears a eyepatch now

Relatives bio 2 sisters grandmother grandfather 4 uncles 2 ants and 7 cousins
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join if you like role-playing and World War 2 alternate history

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name: kaiser seig
age: 23
height: 6'2
weight: 213 (muscle weight)
primary: blue steel long katana
secondary : katana knife
third: cross bow ( high powered)
armor: blue steel masahiro armor
rank: emperor
hidden weapons: kunai knives
martial status: married
bio: he was born in hanashi but diddent under stand there views so he dedicated his service to the kou empire and has slain many foes his number of kills is 300 call him the legion hunter he eventually married into the royal family as an assigned marriage he has two children sayuki and kohari his wife the red princess miya is also in charge of the military
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name: masahiro kou empire income: agriculture / military dominance army size: 234 thousand troops current ruler: kaiser seig hyakyu/ empress miya seig franca war banner : red rose witha cross in the center army size: 234 thousand troops languages : English /Latin customs: bow in presence of royalty /be respectful of territory of others

info the masahiro kou empire is one of the smaller kingdoms that was formed from the territory split when the kingdoms had all out war it has seen many battles but is very peaceful its warriors are quite fierce samurai type warriors who use tae kwon do and devils deception sword style multiple generations the emperor is but 23 years of age very young for an emperor but he was also a trained warrior of the kou empire
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