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Engage in being a brother. Please add quotes and positive quotes  nothing negative, we engage also in actively finishing a scripture only out the bible and please add the book and verse and if like in 2 or 3 sentences only what does it mean to you however. I'll even post one get creative with it. 

You can reach whatever height you want. Greater is he that is in me.

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I want you to thank God I'm not where I used to be in life, upset and sad all the time. I can smile now. With prayer and belief God will turn things around just watch. Prayer does work. Keep patience and now God will. I pray that you gain a relationship with God and now him for yourselves. God bless you

Excuse me but I have a question regarding the tree of the knowledge of good and bad. In the book of genesis 2:17 it states' But as for the tree of knowledge of good and bad you must not eat from it, for in the day you eat from it you will positively die.'  I  just wanted to know why such a tree was placed in E'den . Was it a test or was there some other reason, please express your views on this matter.

Thanks for inviting me to this community, I hope you get more members soon.
 Although I don't follow any particular religion, I do believe in God. Also I believe that Jesus Christ was one of the greatest philosophers of all time. 

This community has potential and I sure hope it will go far, so i'm glad to be one of the first here to help you on that journey.

Let's Talk about Repentance
Why Repent  Please share your commments!

The word repent means to ask for forgiveness of your sins. When we repent we are asking God to forgive us for our sins this day wheather it's knowingly or unknowingly we sin.  Wages of Sin = DEATH
This could be true either in the fleshly body or spiritual body. It's important for us to repent everyday. We need to be aware of repentance. Not only repent, but when you repent mean it. When you tell him you sorry, forgive you, turn your back on your sin. You can't mean it if you keep doing the same thing. When turn your back don't do a 360 degree and end back up where you started. Your still counted as in disobedience. What since does it make to keep doing the dsame thing and think your in good standing with God looking back years later still in the same mess because you want to be their and God has delivered you on more than one occassion. If you really mean and desire to be right with the Lord it wiil show.  Isn't good to know God loves and still blesses us when we know we haven't been right with the Lord. It feels good to know that he is a soverienghty and forgiving God. Thank God  I thank the Lord because without him I wouldn't made it this far. I'm proud to be able to speak the gospel to you and encourage you. Whatever road the Lord lead me down I'm ready to except. I'm happy and don't want to trade it in for nothing and knowing that what ever I need or want I can ask God and he will give. If he don't it's for a reason or maybe it's not time. Thank You Lord 

I pray that God continually to remind his people of repentance, continually to give his blessings and honour, to continually to show mercy unto his people, and do only what he do best. I pray that he blesses people without homes to stay and lay their head, I pray that his word get to all his people, I pray that many souls get saved, I pray that he keep his hand over us to shield; protect; and guide us. I want to thank God for all that he has done for us and who he is to us. I pray that his
people needs and wants be granted and all problems get worked out. Amen

Part 2

How Do I Love My Neighbor

With unconditional love. Jesus is our perfect love. He looks past our faults and forgives us for our sins. Inspite of he still blesse us with what we need and want. We need to look to Jesus to guide and teach us love for our brothers and sisters. See true love may be way above our level of understanding that's why we need to let the Lord be our guide. It wont be easy to gain love or show love in this fleshly body if something dramatic a person has done to us or some of us don't know how to forgive , we period need Gods help to learn true love. 
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