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You must create a profile in accordance to my before you can rp freely with any other members. This is set up for the people to know who or what charature they will or would have an rp with. If you choose to to make a charature and rp you will be warned for the first time if seen a second will have a short ban on if you fight this you will be banned forever. You must also wait to be approved to rp. I am not a slow person so the 'its been 3 days and I haven't got a reply ' excuse. If you see a player doing on here or posting a starter with out a charature from that person then tag my name (+Dragonfox) or +Shadow Takashi. Thank you all for joining. As always have fun and share the love.

Note to not ask to be a moderator, if I see you fit you will be contacted and asked personally. 
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Anyone wanna rp on hangouts 16+

P.s 16 male 

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Hello, I'm new here. 😉

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You where my friend for as long as I could remember. We showed each other how we looked naked at 10. We kissed each other at 13 on a dare. then I inlisted the day I told you how I truly felt, our highschool graduation. It has been 3 long years and I'm standing out side your door knocking.

(Prefer females and art is not mine)

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I'm new

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This is (Part 2) of the short story I started earlier. Thanks for reading my last entry, you guys. I hope you enjoy this.

I walked towards my window and carefully peeked through my patterned curtains to check the weather. It had been raining nonstop today but I never got a chance venture much further than the downstairs because of work.

A few days after Being kicked out by my parents, I stumbled across this café a little ways from the park I visited as a pup.

The building, itself, was tall but awkwardly squeezed between two much larger buildings that were much more impressively designed; Making the awkward building almost unnoticeable. But this place, for some reason, called out to me. I felt compelled to go inside and check out it, just to satisfy my curiosity. As I walked in, I was greeted by the warm scent of coffee and an old lioness, who I would come to know as Leslie, who sat by the entrance. Because I was homeless at the time, Leslie noticed my rugged appearance and asked if I was in need of help. I explained my situation to her and she offered me residency here in the upper levels of the café in exchange for working there part-time. I happily agreed and I have been living there with her ever since. Since then, I'm happy to say, this place has really grown on me. It feels like the home I always wished I had.

I stepped away from my curtains and walked downstairs. It was just about time for my break, so I hastily locked up the cafe, grabbed my jacket, and headed towards the park.

after a little walk, I reached the park and sat on the edge of the closest bench. This place held such a nostalgic feeling for me. Back before things went bad with my family, my parents and I would come here all the time. We would all just sit down and enjoy ourselves. It's sometimes nice to look back on when things were simple and not so complicated.

As I drifted through memories of my old life, I didn't notice that someone else had sat on the other side of the bench. I heard a crisp voice cut through the rain. It was so clear you'd almost forget that it was pouring outside "With it raining like this, I wasn't expecting to run into anyone out here. Not many people like the rain, let alone purposefully sit in it so they can get soaked to the bone."

I could tell by the depth of the voice that it was a male, although I didn't look up. I could hear a hint of surprise and maybe pretentiousness in his voice as he spoke.

"This guy had some nerve judging me." I thought. "I could be saying that to him too" I turned my head further in the opposite direction of him. Conversations were not my thing so why would I even bother small talking this guy?*

he must not have noticed my disinterested turn because he continued talking "But I guess I'm in the rain too so you're probably wondering the same thing about me." He let out a soft chuckle

"Great, he can read my mind. Then if that's the case, maybe he'll figure out that I'm not really wanting to talk and move along." I thought hopefully to myself. "I'm getting anxious just thinking about talking to him."

even though the heavy rain, I could hear him inch a little closer towards me. "I'm Zach by the way, but my friends just call me Z. What's your name?"

I let out a quiet sigh. " I guess I can't get out of this conversation." I thought grudgingly "oh well, I'll just talk to him for a second and then leave, just so he doesn't feel completely ignored."

I turned over slowly to look at him. He was a full-grown husky with hazel fur. He had several white spots positioned randomly over his face and neck with only a little bit of white covering the tips of his ears. He seemed rather tall, even while sitting down, and he had a pair of bright emerald eyes.

His attire was odd given the weather. He wore a black suit and tie. It almost looked like he just finished a meeting and had came by for a stroll through the park. I couldn't help but ask myself Why a business dog would walk through the rain in such nice clothes. He seemed not like your average animal to begin with, let all me your average business dog.

I locked eyes with him for a moment then reached my hand out "I'm Elle, it's nice to meet you" I said softly, hoping my soften would discourage him from talking more.

he reached out and grabbed my paw softly as if holding onto to something delicate and smiled brightly "The pleasure is all mine Miss Elle."

"He actually has a nice smile. He seems a little odd but harmless" I thought to myself, cracking a bit of a half smile. "Maybe this won't be as awkward as I thought"

I pulled my hand back to rest it in my lap. well, I come out here often and I've never seen anyone like you here. most people I've seen in a suit and tie are too busy to sit in the pouring rain. Why are you here, if it's not too much to ask?"

He broke eye contact for a minute and looked off into the distance. Spreading to be contemplating something "things can get kind of boring doing what I do so It's nice to just sit back and relax. The rain helps me do that a lot. I really feel like myself when I'm out here in the rain."

he continued to look away as he said this but I stared even more intently at him. I'd never met someone who loved the rain like me. Even my parents thought my adoration for it was weird and tried to keep me out of it as much as possible. It was just nice to know someone else felt like I did.

He turned back to look me in the eye. I instantly jerked away to avoid eye contact. Then I suddenly remembered about the café. I was suppose to reopen the café after my break and I only had 3 minutes to run back there get back to work

I jolted up from where I was sitting and turned to him hastily "I'm Sorry, Um-m Zack, was it? I gotta go. It was nice talking to you, though. Bye. I started to dash back down the street until I felt a tug on my arm. I looked back.

*Zack had reached out and grabbed my arm, once again doing so as if he were holding something fragile that he didn't want to break "I want to see you again, if that's possible. Can we meet here again, maybe?" He smiled confidently but something in his eyes looked lost and pleading, as if us talking was really something important.

This guy was really something. After a five minute conversation he was hooked to me like a fish on a line. But I had to admit, there was something really pleasant about him. I couldn't quite put my finger on it, but I kind of wanted to see him again too.

I turned to look him in the eyes again "Yeah, we can meet here around the same time tomorrow. How does that sound?"

letting go of my arm, He smiled brightly then as if to play it cool, shrugged "Ok, sounds cool, see you then."

I waved slightly and sprinted all the way to the café. I unlocked the door and shut it behind me. Ma'dam Leslie greeted me at the door. "You're unusually late to reopen this afternoon. Did something interesting happen to you while you were out, dear?"

I turned towards her and smirked. "ma'dam Leslie, you have no idea"



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So I'm starting this thing where people send me images and drawings and I create short stories out of them. This isn't a RP just something I want to do as an amateur writer. This is my first attempt at it. Here goes nothing. (Feel free to read it and tell me your feedback ^_^)

I've always loved the rain, ever Since I was a pup. growing up in Washington state, I could always be found sitting quietly on my favorite park bench downtown listening to the rainfall. I was never one for making many friends, so I spent most of my youth like this, just thinking about my life and my place in this confusing world. For some reason the rain was the only thing that made sense, the only thing that could calm my mind. It made me feel like I could just "be" and not worry about life. But even the rain couldn't give me that feeling forever

My family life hasn't always been the best. Growing up an only child, I struggled with over possessive parents. I was nothing but a screw up in their eyes. To some, this may have seemed like no big deal but after awhile you just feel... trapped by doubt, by expectations, by the feeling I could never do or be anything I wanted. It got to a point where I just had to run. Run away and leave for days on end just to escape this crushing feeling of dissatisfaction. but I just end up running from myself, I suppose.

I'm 18 now and I'm on my own. After years of disappointment, my parents finally kicked me out. But I honestly think I'm not doing too bad. I have a part-time job and an apartment right next to the park I use to visit as a pup. I guess life isn't so bad right now. Things are finally starting to make sense. Well, atleast they were until I met him..


(Artist: unknown)

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Warning one for +mangle the fox pirate​​. You may not to untill charature are approved. If you continue you will be banned. 

+Shadow Takashi​
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Profile template
Name: Keisha or Zoey or scara
Age: 17
Height and waght : I'm 5/4 in height and i way about an avrige teen
Speches: cat wolf (mostly) demon dragon
Likes : it riff and demonic guys
Dis likes: angel type people people that think they are better
Weapon: sword katana knife
Boi: the scars side of me is evil she senses love on me she drives the person away my heart is shielded so rare that people get in so I don't end up broken again  (not my art)
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