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"Hold on, hold on. Let me find it... Gah-"

"Give a gal a warning next time! That way I can be prepared. Sheesh."

"AHA! I found it!"


"It's Artemis. Not Artie. Call me Artie again and see how far it gets you."

"Oh! Hello! Welcome to Team Zykulus! Wait- No. I mean the Zykulus Guild! Aha... I am still not used to this despite being a Guild Master Assistant... If you need any help, let me know!"

"Artemis isn't here right now. Please leave a message after the hoot. Thank you."

Pokémon Information

► Artemis

► Decidueye the Arrow Quill Pokémon

► Grass/Ghost

► The Hunter

► Female

► Heterosexual

► 20

► 100

► Careful

► Long Reach
· This ability is only exclusive to Rowlet's evolutionary line. If Artemis uses a contact move, then it will not activate any effects caused by contact.

► 5'03" [1.6 m]

► 80.7 lbs. [36.6 kg]

► HP: 255
► Attack: 147
► Defense: 134
► Sp. Attack: 112
► Sp. Defense: 125
► Speed: 110

► Roost
· Artemis lands and takes a breather. Using this move restores half of her max HP.

► Spirit Shackle
· Artemis attacks while simultaneously stitching her opponent's shadow to the ground to prevent them from escaping as long as Artemis remains in battle.

► Brave Bird
· Artemis tucks in her wings and charges from a low altitude. This also damages her quite a lot. Brave Bird inflicts damage, and Artemis receives recoil damage equal to ⅓ of the damage done to the target. If Artemis inflicts no damage (such as if Disguise takes the damage), she does not take recoil damage.

► U-turn
· Artemis deals damage and then switches out with whichever of her teammates are closest. This will not work however if she is the only one in her team, if the opponent has the Ability Wimp Out, or if U-turn is the finishing move.

► Leftovers
· Artemis' HP is slowly restored during battle after each turn.

Decidueye is a tall, avian Pokémon that resembles an owl. The upper portion of its face is blue with a thin, red mask-like marking encircling its eyes. Its eyes are reddish-orange and it has a hooked blue beak. The feathers covering its wings and back are black, while its body is primarily white. The three feathers at the tip of each wing are structured similar to fingers and have lighter tips. The backs of its wings and torso are dotted with many white spots; the inside of each wing has a line of upside-down, red triangles across the top. It has long legs, feet with two toes facing forward and two backward, and short dark blue talons. It tail consists of three long, blue leaves.

A blue, leafy hood covers its head and shoulders, and partially covers its face. The hood is smoothly draped across the shoulders and back, but has uneven edges. Around the head, the hood forms many pointed projections that extend over its face. A single white feather with a red base extends from the top of its hood. In the center of its chest is a red x-shaped formed by dead leaves with two thin blue vines extending from it. Pulling on the vines closes the hood further over Decidueye's face.

Additional Information

Continent of Birth:
► Grass Continent (Capricorn Town)

Continent of Residence:
► Water Continent (Leo City)

► Zykulus Guild

► Guild Master Assistant
► Member of Team Palace

► Team Palace

Team members:
► Kaage the Zoroark
► Alice the Gardevoir

Artemis is an...odd individual.

She goes through a range of emotions that sometimes have nothing to do with the current situation that she is in. She can be cheerful, subdued, and cold all in a matter of seconds. She will sometimes say the first thing that comes to mind and has gotten in trouble on occasion because of it...

Artemis is very caring to all of the Pokémon in the Zykulus Guild however. She treats them like family and will go through great lengths to keep them safe.

► Sleeping
► Her friends
► Messing with Kecleon when in Dungeons
► Books

► Interrupted naps
► Those who attempt to harm her Guild members or her two friends
► Crimes going unpunished

Artemis was never one for adventures when she was a Rowlet. She kept to herself, helped out her family, and generally had a peaceful yet not exciting life. She did what her parents told her to and was expected to live the life her parents had when the time came.

Artemis didn't like that at all. She heard about Guilds and often wondered what it would be like to join one. Wondered how her life would be if she weren't following in her parents talons. So, she left and met a Zoroa and Kirlia on the way, formed Team Palace with them, and later Zykulus Guild.


"There you have it. All you need to know about li'l ol' me. Now sh-hoo. I need sleep."
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"Can't hold on much longer, but I'll never let go! I know it's a one way track, tell me how long it will last!? How have I come to think this way? Nor will I count on others!"

"Sometimes I can't help but think that I didn't really try my hardest..."

"Five more minutes...Zzz."

🀄️Name: Alice🀄️

🀄️Species: Gardevoir🀄️

🀄️Nature: "Timid"🀄️

🀄️Ability: Telepathy🀄️

🀄️Type: Psychic/Fairy🀄️

🀄️Item: Gardevoirite🀄️

Shadow ball
Heal pulse

HP: 278
Defense: 166
Sp.Attack: 349
Sp.Defense: 266
Speed: 284

🀄️Continent of birth🀄️
Dawn Continent(Umbra City)

🀄️Continent of residence🀄️
Water Continent(Aquarius City)



The Telepath
The Guild Leader




Apple Cider
Her friends
Cute Pokemon
Making new friends

Being hungry
Not getting any sleep
Spoiled food
Someone she cares for or in the guild getting hurt



🀄️Team members🀄️
Artemis the Decidueye
Kaage the Zoroark

A young Gardevoir trying her best to follow in her role model's footsteps despite having a hard time making friends. She's bubbly, friendly, and socially awkward. She believes that the only way to get through your problems is by speaking about them. She tries to be a positive role model for the guild and her team.

Gardevoir(Team Charm(Mother))
Lopunny(Team Charm(Aunt))
Medicham(Team Charm(Aunt))

As a young ralts, she never knew about her mother, and lived with her father in the village. A normal struggling family life. Alice often read about the Wigglytuff Guild and their adventures, telling her dad she dreamed to be like WigglyTuff. By the time she'd become a Kirila at age 16, she left the house to persue her dreams of being an explorer, meeting up with a Zoura and a Rowlet, the three formed team Palace, and soon the Zykulus guild.
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