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Welcome to Descriptive Furries

If you have any questions right now...ASK ME!!!

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~Quote: Every time they see me they get mad:Quote~

Name: Hey,my name is Jamie!!

Age: I'm 15,waiting for school to end even though it just started

Height: I know I'm 5'3,or shorter than that

Weight: I'm I'm 98 pounds

Sexuality: I'm bisexual, so glad I don't get bullied for it people at "my" school are nice

Family: ...My dad and only him....

Childhood: ... U-uh,can I skip this one? Sure

Likes: I like pizza,clothes,designing, and painting

Dislikes: Uh,my d-dad,ref,and the dark

Weapons: Don't have any,I'm restricted to....

Money level: I don't have any,my dad has all the money

Crush: No one,yet

Bio: ....Don't wanna say it

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Thanks for Accepting Me!

Oc is..... Foxy The Kitty Pirate

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Thx for allowing me to join
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