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[] ~A new event has arrived~ ! []


Now because there hasn't been anything really excited going on I've decided that we'll hold a small tournament because most people are on spring break from school so here's how this works. You'll enter by saying so in the comments below and say the Pokémon you're going to enter in with whoever wins gets to battle the champions in the last battle.

[][] Rules [][]

•You must have a approved profile to enter.
•You can only enter three Pokémon which have to be at least level 50.
•No godmoding or auto hits
•More rules will be added on the day of the event

Date of event Tomorrow

If you would like to enter please say so in the comments below with the Pokémon you're entering and their levels

People Participating

Me/ +Princess Galaxy Aloha Ninetails, Primarina, and Mega Gardevoir.
+Garrett Lewis - Greninja, Nightfall , and saber
+Kylacorn - Glaceon, Ninetails, and Auroris
+BlackOsmash Tyranitar, Garchomp. Volcarona
+Nathan dreemurr Game/reactions

If you have any questions please tag me or +Claudaroo


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Well I'm bored so.. I'm going to send out another RP

~ Open Role play ~ again

The fire vulpix was wondering in the forest. She was well aware that she was at the edge of the forest. near the beach kinda Vulpix however did not care knowing that she may be able to beat them. In fact she was ready for a fight.

(Species: Vulpix)
(Type: Fire)
(Gender: Female)
(Trainer: None) open
(Lvl: 39)

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~ Open role play! ~

The alolan vulpix was sitting by a tree under the shade. She looked at her fluffy tails and smiled. Crystal ears perked as she heard something but she decided not to do anything. She was thinking it could just be a pigeot.

(Species: Alolan Vulpix)
(Type: Ice)
(Gender: Female)
(Trainer: None) open though

Post has attachment this is probably unrelated, but just listen to this song IT FITS NALIA PERFECTLY AND I AM FREAKING OUT

(This really isn't a post for anything besides me thanking everyone I met in this community... and I just want to thank all of you.... ^~^

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((Open Roleplay))

Rin was walking around an empty park with her Ariados; Charlotte; by her side. She looked down at a odd green colored Pokeball. She suddenly bumped into you, the pokeball flying out of her hands, and landing a few feet away. She looked up at you, trembling as she heard the pokeball open, and a Pokémon pop out. She quickly stood up, covering whatever had just come out of the pokeball Hey! I must be going now so- You suddenly heard a small groan and decided to-

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Is currently a rockruff

This is the last chance would anyone else like to join the tournament!?

Here's the prizes

1st place - One master ball and the chance to battle the champions
2nd place- 500 pokedollars
3rd place 100 pokedollars

If I 1+ that means I saw your comment and to please comment on the pinned post for what Pokémon you're bringing

If we don't have any more people we might not be able to have the tournament!

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- alolan vulpix-
Species: Alolan Vulpix
Name: Crystal
Age: 7 years old
Level: 29 Can lvl if she has a trainer
Gender: Female
Personality: Quick,loyal,thoughtful
Likes: Ice,water,snow
Dislikes: Fire,the sun

Moves: Blizzard,quick attack,Ice beam,AuroraBeam (Hidden Abil) Snowcloak
Health: 65
Strength: 67
Weakness: Fire,fighting,steel,rock
Rank: Loner
Trainer: OPEN

Fire Vulpix

Species: Vulpix
Name: Vulpix
Nickname: Ember\Flame
Age: 36 years old
Level: 40
Gender: Female
Personality: Wise,respectful,clever,quick,loyal,kind,serious (not all the time)
Likes: Fire,the sun,friends,grass,sand
Dislikes: Water

Moves: Confuse ray,Fire blast,Fire spin,quick attack (Hidden Abil) Drought
Health: 85
Strength: 90
Weakness: Water,rock
Rank: Loner
Trainer: OPEN
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Garrett was sitting in the middle of town with burn scars down his arm
Garrett: well here comes another hospital trip...hopefully I don't encounter Storm on the way or pass out otherwise I could be hurt much worse than I already am 
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