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_Hello! Thank you for joining!
This is a Commiunety to Relax, Have fun, Chat, Roleplay, post art and whatever you like! For those of you unfamiliar with NewTale, i recommend looking at +Frontier Hero​'s youtube channel and google+ account! But here is a quick summary anyways: NewTale is an animated series about the schoollife of Frisk and company, after the events of the True pacifist ending of Undertale.

Note that i do not posess any rights of:
-Undertale (Game, Music, Name, Charakters, Story)
-NewTale (Music, Name, Charakters, Story)
-Frontier hero (Name, Projects)

I hope you will keep this commiunety clean, and kids friendly. Other than that: Have fun!_

Hey, you guys wanna join my watch2gether lobby? :3

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=v= just wanna post this here before I sleep.
Had to rush on the coloring a bit, whoops. Anyway, enjoy mah main child again, Sebastian!
them hands are the hands of an URTIST
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Well hasn't it been a while since I've posted here? welp have a Sebastian! he'snotnakedbythewaywellkinda also the words he is saying is seeeeecreeeet, only two people know what he's saying, me and one of my friends in real life

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My newest Oc! Jacob The Ghost! I freaking love this fella :D
Ask him whattever you guys want if you'd like >:)

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Hey! Sorry this is looks weird. I couldn't post it from my iPad. Anyways. His name is Cecil! He originally was Korean, but i changed him to be hispanic.

im making a rp here in this rp you can rp with Kora
be warned my ocs can be interesting
Kora is a Nightmare demon you think bill cipher was powerful you guessed wrong
Kora has many powers too
but dont worry Kora is nice... most of the time if you see her eyes red run something might be happening
but ya I have only rped with her once so i want to try it again anyone is free to join
also as strong as kora is her weakness is so easy to do it makes up for her powers
come rp with kora if you dare (haha well dont worry she really is a nice demon come if you want!)

Im making a rp here with Frostfire sans and my other characters in his series
my ocs are interesting you have been warned

Frost loses his memories stuck in ice that ice mutates his dna after 100 years
a human named avery finds him
things get a little crazy in this just a heads up
everyone he knows is gone except the dreemur family
they cannot age due to flowey so they still live
Frost tries to bring back his brother at some point and this is where things go like the child in glitchtale (not spoiling it for others) (watch glitchtale)
more is constantly being added would you help frost? and go against him
come rp with him if you dare (i did it again lol)

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if someone wants to join me :b

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Hey, since this is also a community for role playing, how about we roleplay? (never roleplayed before tho lol)

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