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1.No spam (like, comment, reshare, death stuff)
2. Dont mark peoples posts as spam if not spam
3.No fighting/ starting wars
4.No Nsfw stuff (Nudity or weird fetishes)
5.Sharing other communitys is ok
6.Swearing is ok (I guess. As long as its mild and not directed to someone)
7.Any fandom is allowed (furrys,games, ect)
8.Dont ask to be a mod (Max: 6-8)
9.Gore is ok (I guess) just don't be crazy with it
10. Don't change anything before asking me
11.Dont steal art (traced stuff/recolors)
12.If you want to draw someone's character (oc), then pls put "Inspired by" then there name.
If the mods want to invite others,thats ok with me. If you have any other rules you want me to add, pls tell me in the comments and I will see if they are ok. You will have 3 strikes before being banned.

Strike one: (Warning)
llama with a red bandana (spam)

Strike two: (2nd warning)


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Free headshots they look like this if u want one comment [BINGO] im only taking 2,there will not be first come first serve,ringo will choose the person's randomly or I'll pick m'kay

+Zahara Vines​​
+《Yesenia Drawz》​​
+Melody Bovidae​​
+King Ling​​
+Teresa Galvan​​
+Julie Phillips​​
+Chiara Surjan​​
+Echo Circus​​
+Chocolate Tea

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So basically,my family needs to raise a ton of money.My sister and brother keep asking for stuff and my parents insist on buying it on Christmas or on their birthday.My family keeps using a lot of resources,more than we have the past years.So our bills will be higher than ever.I want to prepare my parents for buying gifts and paying the bills.Another thing is that it's getting harder and harder for my family to earn money.My mother doesn't have a job and due to her race it'll be hard to get a good job.My father wakes up at 5:30 almost everyday to get to work.He's a carpenter which is a pretty hard job.Sometimes he works extra hours for the extra money.We're lucky that his boss is very kind,he even helps him out at work and gives him gifts sometimes.I'm also scared that my parents will get deported someday and I don't want it to happen.

Anyways,here are the prices:

Sketch:5 dollars

Chibi: 5 dollars

Headshot: 6 dollars

Half body: 8 dollars

Full body: 10 dollars

Ship art: 18 dollars

Ref sheet: 15 dollars

Group (Please note that for a group the limit is 4): 22 dollars

Audience: 35 dollars

Animals: 8 dollars

Pony: 8 dollars

I only draw animals,furries/Anthros,ponies,humans,nekos,werewolves,chibis,TC heads,and OCs for commissions.I DO NOT draw cannon characters for commissions nor take requests.
If you'd like to pay for a commission,send it to me.If I want to do the commission for you,you'll use PayPal to send me money as soon as you can.I WILL NOT draw a commission until the money is sent.I don't want to do a commission and end up not getting paid.
Please note that I will be using my mother's PayPal but I need to find someone willing to buy my art before leaving and link and using it.
I will not respond until tomorrow afternoon due to school

OCs drawn below:
•She belongs to me

•She's my MLP persona

•She belong to +Just Sophie

•She belongs to me

-Random Sketch
•It's not an official OC,just somethin random.I might Color it then trade it away.

•She belongs to +Harrier Hawkfield

•He belongs to me

•She belongs to my friend Kaitlyn

-Mermaid OC
•She belongs to my friend Kaitlyn

•She belongs to me

•I need to check who she belongs to

•She belongs to my friend Kaitlyn

•They belong to my friend Kaitlyn

All art is by me
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I'm holding a contest! (I'm bored)

-You must draw one of my OCs or my persona below
-No nsfw drawings
-Don't nag me if you don't win nor was able to join,I'll be hosting more contests
-No stealing art
-Do not harass contestants
-Be respectful to the contestants
-Don't claim that my OCs and persona is yours.

If these rules are broken,you will be eliminated.

When you're finished with your entry,post it and use the hashtag #RandomOcContest .I will also feature all the entries on my channel and on Google Plus.

First place: 3 full bodies
Second place: 2 full bodies
Third place: 1 full body
Fourth place: 1 Half body
Fifth place: 1 Headshot

Note: 1,5,10,13 are my pieces of art.Mathew was drawn by +Funtime Sophie .1 and 4 was drawn by my real life Kaitlyn.9 was drawn by +Ponyjammers .5 is actually my persona and I forgot who created the other pieces of art and pics.If you created the art or pic featured here please comment confirming you created it and I'll give you credit.


Deadline: October 1st

If you've read this all,comment: OCs for life
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This is a contest entry I created for a contest.
The OC drawn belongs to +SophieThePlumbreon

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Check my cartoon animation made with #flipaclip my 3th time on flipaclip i suck and this is not how i draw

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Love drawing :3

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The vote is over genji it is plese comment on what i should draw next
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