Campaign finished at 121% funded. Thanks to everyone who supported us

We have funded! Make sure you thank +Charles Rice for putting us over the top this morning

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Happy Friday, friends and backers.

1) Don't forget our actual play broadcast tonight at 9pm ET.
Here's a link to the event:

2) We've got 11 days left and we're 85% funded. We need your help. Share the KS link or the Actual Play link on your social media or start a thread on your favorite game forum. Recruit friends. Recruit your enemies :) We're so close...just 11 days left...

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We're 86% funded with 12 days left to go.
AND - We're doing an Actual Play live broadcast of Arthur Lives for Fate Core on 4/21 at 9pm ET.
You can watch it here

Arthur Lives RPG for Fate Core is 85% percent funded! Two weeks to go. Please help spread the word on social media. ALSO - +Tommy Brownell reviewed us

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While every tier has been carefully constructed to maximize what we can offer, sometimes there is that odd bit of kit you absolutely must add to your pledge. As the campaign rolls on, we hope to unlock more of these to offer to you.

Additional PDF - $20 USD: Need an additional digital copy of the completed book for some one at the table? Add this to your pledge.
Additional Printed Copy - $50 USD: Sometimes you want an extra copy of the book at the table or to send as a gift. Add this to your pledge for an additional printed copy (You pay the shipping).

BTW - make sure you wish the author +Jason Tondro 'happy birthday' today

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