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šŸ”³//New OC Creation\\šŸ”³

"Here I'll stand, I'll protect those I love until my last dying breath. I will never give up so long as they believe in me, for as long I still believe!! Good will always conquers Evil!!"

> > > Name < < <

šŸ”²[[Full Name]]šŸ”²
Amber Goldstein

šŸ”³[[Known Name]]šŸ”³

šŸ”²[[Preferred Name]]šŸ”²
Amber or Sparky

šŸ”³[[Previous Names]]šŸ”³
Layla Chrome

Kesia, Fairy Tail

> > > Age < < <

šŸ”²[[Appearing Age]]šŸ”²

December 21


> > > Sex < < <


šŸ”³[[Sexual/Romantic Identification]]šŸ”³

šŸ”²[[Relationship Status]]šŸ”²

> > > Appearance < < <

šŸ”³[[Hair Color]]šŸ”³
Extremely dark blue, almost black hair

šŸ”³[[Hair Length]]šŸ”³
2" past the shoulders

šŸ”²[[Eye Color]]šŸ”²
Honey gold

šŸ”³[[Skin Tone]]šŸ”³


110 Ibs

Skinny, average curves, does not appear muscular but is pretty strong.

šŸ”³[[Guild mark place & color]]šŸ”³
Silver & on her left hand.

> > > Background < < <



šŸ”³[[Current Residence]]šŸ”³
Fairy Tail's apartment complex

> > > Medical Information < < <

šŸ”²[[Blood Type]]šŸ”²

šŸ”³[[Medical Condition(s)]]šŸ”³


> > > Status(es) < < <

šŸ”²[[Guild Ranking(s)]]šŸ”²

> > > Affiliations < < <

Fairy Tail


šŸ”³[[Love Interest(s)]]šŸ”³
None at the moment

Gary and Sara Goldstein: Grandparents to Amber

Fairy Tail


> > > Magic(s) < < <

šŸ”³[[Primary Magic]]šŸ”³
Fire magic

Fire Ripple: When in use, the user will punch any hard surface causing fire ripples to spread covering a mile.

Best used when fighting a hidden attacker or finding the target.

Lotus shield: When in use, the user creates a fire shield in the shape of a lotus.

Combustion: When in use, the user will throw fire balls at the target causing it to explode on contact.

Fire Wolf: When in use, the user transforms into a large fire wolf.

Best used when absolutely necessary due to extreme usage of magic but is the most powerful out of all spells but the most dangerous.

> > > Natural Skills and Abilities < < <

Amber is naturally flexible and master in ninjutsu and karate.

> > > Combative Information < < <

Due to working on a farm all her life and having the strength of a wolf, Amber is stronger than a most grown men.

{{Mental Strength}}
Amber is a little gullible but when she has her mind set on something it is impossible to break her from her path.

{{Strength of Will}}
Amber's will strength comes from believing and from others believing in her causing her to want to win a battle even more. For as long as there is still belief, Amber will continue fighting until her last breath.

Amber has the stamina of both a wolf and human together.

{{Energy Efficiency}}
Amber's energy depends on how much sleep she's had and on her determination.

{{Max Speed}}
Amber's max speed is as fast as a horse at it's max.

{{Acceleration Rate}}
Amber can go as fast as a cheetah for only about 10 minutes.

{{Speed of Thought}}
When it comes to fighting, Amber doesn't think she only goes with her gut feeling.

{{Logistics Skill}}
Amber is pretty average when it comes to multitasking.

{{Reasoning Skill}}
When Amber finds what her target wants she'll use that to her advantage.


{{Battle Reflexes}}
Amber's flexibility and speed helps her doge any attack.

Amber is naturally flexible giving her the advantage of doing some pretty amazing things.

Amber has the Acrobatics of a cat.

[[Magical Power]]
{{Total Magic Power}}
Amber's total magic power is extremely high when looses control over her inner wolf but when she has control it's only half.

{{Magic Power Consumption Efficiency}}
Depending on who she's fighting, Amber will not use too much of her magic.

{{Magic Power Regeneration}}
Amber regeneration ability takes about a day and a half to fully recharge but that involves sleeping the whole time.

> > > Personality < < <
Amber sometimes acts her own age but other times she can act like a 10 year old making her outgoing sometimes, wild, and funny, and other times she is like a mature adult and wise. She tends to be sassy when angered or annoyed but over all she is kinda dumb caring. Amber can be an extremely stubborn fighter and won't back down until she is dead and can be very protective.

Going out on missions (the harder the better), Fairy Tail, her fire ferret partner, helping people, the night sky, & heights.

Dark Guilds, rude people, & clowns.

Clowns, not being able to protect the one she loves, and not keeping her inner wolf under control.

> > > History < < <

Amber's birth place is unknown all that she does know is that her parents abandoned her the day after she was born due to her unique life appearance, black wolf ears and tail. Her birth name was Layla Chrome but was changed to Amber Goldstein after her grandparents adopted her so Amber was raised by her loving grandparents on their farm all her life.

Amber learned of her magic when her family was attacked by a strong dark guild member when she was 12 when her grandparents were almost killed causing her to loose control of her inner wolf and almost killing the mage but was able to gain control again just before she almost killed him. Ever since learning of her magic she has learned to meditate or use breathing exercises to calm herself so she won't loose control again and sworn that she'll never transform into the wolf due to being afraid that she'll never gain control again and harm the people she cares so much about. After the ordeal, Amber's ability to use fire magic had grown stronger ever since then.

By the time Amber was 17 she had left her grandparents farm in search for a job to help save her grandparents farm that is under threat of being taken away. It is her home and will do anything to protect it. As a farewell gift, Amber's grandfather gave her a female fire ferret Which she soon named Kiki and has become her most trusted ally and best friend, they are inseparable and always has each other's back.

Amber kicks a lot of butts and doesn't back down from a fight, she is just as stubborn as Natsu or maybe even more.

šŸ”³[[Previous Rankings]]šŸ”³
One of Fairy Tail's strongest mage.

Formal wear: 1st pic
Normal wear: 2nd pic
Wolf from: 3rd pic
Partner: 4th pic
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