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Lee this is the page. Thank you

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HKICC Biz Development Cafe: On Tuesday 11th the biz development group are meeting at THINK cafe. It's for coaches who want to either start of grow their business and would like to be helped and supported by other coaches.

We're going to have the meeting at THINK. This is a quick vid I made of the place when I visited there with Patrick last week.

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HKICC BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT INITIATIVE: So on Tuesday the 28th we'll be launching the business development initiative, 2013. What I'm looking to do is create a community who are interested in supporting each other as we establish and grow our businesses and impact. This is not a networking event, but rather the launch of a project based learning event. Any questions or suggestions send them on through. I'll need all the help and support I can get 

Hi Lalita!

Hi all, 

Looking  forward to have some online meeting and a new experience .
May I suggest we have a short trial meeting, say 10 minutes to see how it operates such that we can extend this concept to HKICC members.  We need their participation to grow our community. 

Lalita, thanks for creating this page. 

Hi, Lalita.
Will get new expereince to share in this platform. Look forward to it and see the difference with Facebook .

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