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Sitting on the shore wondering when I will be able to go out alone when I hunt.

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Name: Sadie Fitzherbert
Age: 14
Gender: Girl/Female/etc.
Parents: Eugene and Rapunzel
Film: Tangled
Hair- Golden Brown (usually in a braid)
Eyes- Emerald
Height- 5'2
Clothing- Purple Blouse with Gold Lining, Navy Pants, Combat Boots, and A Gold Headband
Likes: Riding, Hunting, and singing.
Dislikes: Black Magic, being royal, dresses.
Weapons: Bow and Arrow
Powers: Healing (still in training)
Back Story: Well I'm a kinda a tom boy but I still like to ride in style. My dad teaches me how to hunt and my mom teaches me how to control my power. Which means singing lessons! I love to sing!! My parents think I need to make friends so I came here! I dislike being royal because I want to be a normal girl.


(+Tyler Wright  ^-^) 
Sitting against a tree, my blonde hair in its usual braid down my back. Fanning my face with my hand and panting slightly at the moderate heat that seems way worse to me. Wearing a flowy blue and white dress with a mini tiara in my hair and barefoot. Looks up at you as you approach 

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Name: Elisabeth (Elise) of Arendelle
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Parents: Anna and Kristoff
Film: Frozen
Appearance: White blonde hair, stunning blue eyes, skinny figure, medium height
Likes: The cold, snow, ice, singing, dancing, chocolate, sandwiches, stories
Dislikes: People who are rude to other people, Fire, liars
Weapon: Powers
Powers: Ice and snow powers like Elsa
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Elisabeth walked through the village of Arendelle, a smile rest upon her face. She was staring off I to the sky, lost in her thoughts when...

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Name: Bella
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Parents: Kristoff and Elsa (Yeah yeah yeah. I know okay. I know. Dont. Just dont.) 
Film: Frozen
     Hair- Blonde
     Eyes- Blue
     Height- 5'9
     Clothing- Blues and whites, Lots of warm clothes, Dresses
Likes: Snow, Winter, Being alone
Dislikes: People judging her, Yelling, Panicking
Weapons: Daggers
Powers: Can create ice and snow

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Name: Lucy "Luce" last name unknown
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Parents: Jack and Sally :3
Film: The Nightmare Before Christmas (Yes, it is Disney...)
     Hair- Redish orange, short, curly
     Eyes- Completely white.
     Height- Tall.
     Clothing- Usually a tattered shirt and cob web skirt.
Likes: Snow, Night, New things, Books, Holidays (Heh... Valentines day...)
Dislikes: The same old things, Ignorance, and rude people.
Weapons: Um.... BARE HANDS!
Powers: As Princess of the punkin patch, Luce and take off her head...
None besides smarts, and of course limb removal, being the offspring of a skeleton and stuffed Dummy...
Just a common, nice person who likes to wander and explore.
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