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Name: Takuto
Age: 18
Gender: Male

Casual: Red shirt (which doesn't really fit him because in the show I'm taking this character from the shirt has tiny sleeves) with greyish jeans.

School uniform: Turquoise jacket, pink tie and the same jeans.

Hair: Red
Eyes: Red

Weapons: Star swords

Takuto can dodge and counter attacks more effectively than an average person.
The Galaxy Beam is a ranged attack used by Takuto to hit long distance or fast moving opponents easily.
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Name: Joseph
Age: 18
Gender: male
Clothes: half red half blue
Hair color: half red half blue
Eyes: a red and yellow-greenish
Other: has a red mask has half red and half blue coat
Powers: fire ball, ice ball, fire sword, ice bow and arrow
Bio: hi my name is Joseph and I like to go on crazy adventures and spend time with my freinds so ya XD

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Name: Kori

Age: 18

Power: Charm people and make them do what she wants, requip magic(She can change into different kinds of armor)

Likes: Everything

Dislikes: Bad things

Weapon: Sword(depending on what armor she is in)

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I just updated so I can start to make my own community's on iPad
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