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Top 10 Android Game 2014
Top 10 android games until April 2014 :
EPOCH 2 : finger-friendly third-person shooter with robots
X-Com_ enemy Unknown : fantastic turn-based strategy game
God Of Light: about bouncing light beams off multiple mirrors
The Walking Dead: Season One: zombie and adventure game
Cut the Rope 2: fresh challenges and unanticipated obstacles to the candy crunching, physics-based phenomenon
Final Fantasy VI: The classic SNES role-playing adventure returns
Smash Hit: Smash Hit has become a runaway, uh, hit
Sorcery! :text-heavy role-playing game based on the novel series by Steve Jackson
Quiz Up: popular trivia game where you can duke it out with your friends
Threes: polished, adorable puzzle game
All these games produces in 2014. After I analysed some android games from 8 websites I choose these games some of these games you must buy form Google store. My references are these websites :
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