Hello and thank you for taking the time to
review my post. My name is Roberto Joelito and I'm
here to help. Many of us, myself included, have
attempted to get financing for a loan in the
past only to be meet with "I'm sorry but I'm
unable to assist you." I personally have
experienced this and know how devastating it
can be to your personal morale.
Well look no further because the solution is
here! I am a lender who focus on
sub prime lending. This means your personal
credit history will not be an issue as long as you
meet the minimal requirements. And these are
not difficult to obtain.
Are you currently employed?
I will need to see that you can make
your monthly installments.
Do you have a place to live?
I will need proof of residency so i
know where to send the monthly payment bill.
Do you have a down payment?
Yes....a down payment is required to secure your loan..
And that's about it! It's really this simple!
Together we can find a loan that meets your
desired monthly payment range. Together we
can over come whatever issues you have that
have prevented you from getting the loan you
deserve. Together, we can begin to rebuild your
credit and get you back on track in a society
that's built on people's credit worthiness. All
you have to do alone is take that first step and
contact me. Once that is done we'll see this
through together.
The financing is set up here in California, USA. I do also assist people
from other regions unless they are willing to
make a nice transaction with me here..
There are no catches or any fine print to read.
Meet the above requirements and you will be
approved. I have gotten people with
bankruptcies approved. I recently got a guy
approved who had a repossession last month. I
have even sent a 378 beacon score on the road
with a new car.
The time to act is now. So stop what you're
doing, pick up your phone, and  shoot me a text with the number.....2133943577 or leave me with a message via my email...robertojoelprivatefunds@gmail.com
if you're busy and we can talk later about
reserving an appointment time for you to come
in and drive away. Thank you once again for
reading my post and have a wonderful day!

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