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"Convinced of your perfect clarity
Outside looking in on me
Distorted still will be the view
Of he looking likewise at you"

Only in Christ can we truly see
The heart and soul of anybody
As his spirit between us testifies
Dispelling hate and expelling lies

The truth of his love forever reigns
With sanctified hearts we are changed
New eyes to see and ears to hear
Filled with his love that never fears

Justice comes to each and all
Who respond with zeal to his call
That which man could never right
He freely gave by his own might

His life given for your sins
So everyone of us could win
To know the love of God eternal
He gave up his throne and became carnal

Innocent and pure a perfect life lived
Once risen then lifted, his spirit was given
To 11 brave apostles he gave a commission
To go out and save souls as the fishers of men

To the world they preached his gospel of grace
They were warned they'd be persecuted for its sake
Heal the sick, cloth the poor, feed the hungry and thirsty
Because of those humble beginnings today Billions are free

If you don't believe that Jesus is Lord
I ask if that's a position you think you can afford
Each breath you take he freely gave you
Everything you've ever needed he's been faithfull and true

True love is waiting with arms open wide
He makes beauty from every tear that you've cried
Heals every hurt and completes every soul
Forgetting all sin and making you whole

From the inside out we are changed
Chaos flees and order arranged
New life, new hope, new spirit he brings
To his glorious name every angel sings

No more guessing or distortion
Come close to Christ and receive your portion
Stop trying to figure out what to do
Eternal life is waiting for you


What of YOU makes your value more...
Do you wear the label of the world
Or have you found your life in Christ

What of your wisdom...
Is it wasted on fools or can it penetrate
Does it add to the stock of the wise

What of your knowledge...
Is it built up on foundations of truth
Or ever changing and blown by the wind

What of your understanding...
Can you open eyes with its teachings
Is it flexible to be in darkness as light

What of your heart...
Has it faith in the father for salvation
Or in man and accidental destination

What of your love...
Has it turned the lost to repentance and life
In obedience has it shown up no matter the strife

What of your wealth...
Does your worth increase by the dollar
Or are you rich no matter the situation

What of your life...
Is it a collection of trophies in a glass case
Or a victory over death and risen to Christ


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Renew and destroy
And he said, my son if you can understand what I have just said, then you are like an eagle who is able to remember all his father taught him.


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Today's episode of "My Morning Thoughts"! Conversation on Communications, Media, Leadership & more! Today I discuss last night's experience at the Pensacola Fair and a Journey/Styx tribute band! I also discuss my reflections on that concerning Worship, Music, Media, and more! Enjoy! 

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Today on we're talking Canva vs Photoshop! Which one is right for you? Check it out here:

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When a church struggles to engage the culture, is it because of a gap in communication?

Our culture speaks a very particular universal language, media! In this weeks episode, I discuss how media is a language, and how to approach learning media in a way that is relatable and simple. Learn media, engage the culture, make an impact!

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October is National Baby Safety Month. If you have young families in your church, this could be a great opportunity to tie-in a promotion. You will find details at . For more promotional ideas for October -- or any month -- see the promotional calendar at
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