Could we just RP?

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Continue RP?
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El Vinćent Càminà
El Vinćent Càminà, or better known as, the winter Soldier was Recruited 2116, on January 1st, 2116,
Vinćent Had to evacuate from his safehouse in Greenland because of a Continent-Mixing Earthquake, which was triggered everywhere, but USA, and Canada, The Continent-Mixing Earthquake ended in March, the Casualties where 20 soldiers, 1 billion civilians , 1 tank, 0 helicopters, 2 planes, and 100.,1 homes . He was found by the Mexican army in July 21, 2116, and recruited the day after, El Vinćent Càminà will be used in winter operations

Randomizer 22, what's your nation?

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The Arnacho-Communist state of Mexico
Capital: New Tijuana
Population: 303,82,91,72
Government: Arnacho-Communist
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