Hey Guys we got a new Blogger who hails from the land of paradise Hawaii!! say hey to Kimo and check out his first Blog and video at S&I


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Free Training and the famous Gunsite...

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Mine is monitored though I do welcome discussion of both sides of things.  I will however ban the trolls should they decide not to be civil.  You don't have to be a Hoosier either....  come and speak about safe carry of all types.

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What is your groups problem with the Arlington police, taping traffic stops and interfering with the law?. The city won't let you shove your handbills on city property. You're a bunch of scared kids

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Panera Bread dose not respect our rites and dose not respect America. One can not have a respect or love of this country with out a respect for the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. to state anything to the contrary is a lie

Well, idiots, another long week end. You going to parade around with your toys and try to look badass?Youll just look stupid.

A mind opening experiment 
You need a shot timer and three people the shooter starts with the weopon holstered as the would with their EDC over clothing can be pushed back but not removed. At the beep the shooter draws and fires on a 5 yard target the third person runs away from the firing line at top spreed. The timer watches the runner and marks their spot at the shot.
This will give you a distance that you are vulnerable to a non firearm attack, you will be surprised at the amount of room you need. If you are an old fart like me use your kid or nephew as the runner instead of one of your old broken down cronies. This will give you a realization of your personal space in a conflict. Also remember the distance will be greater than the one you observe because this experiment dose not take into account your reaction time to their initial movement.

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Thought it also fit here.
Yes my profile photo is a cocked and locked 1911 45ACP. it dose not make me a mean or evil person just a person that will not let mean or evil things happen to me with out putting up a fuss. Yes it is mine and yes I do carry.

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Here's an idea. When you carry a gun like this, also have a sign that says "I'm not a threat, just a scared little wus." Then, we would have a good laugh.
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