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Thanks Daniel!
Here's a great free resource I started to use recently. It's a Chrome App called " for Gmail". It's has great features like "snoozing emails", sending emails later, follow-up reminders, and tracking if your emails get opened. The best part is you get 999,999 free reminders. After adding the app, I checked under settings, then billing and it says "Free" reminders: 5 (999974 remaining) because I've used 26 so far. I've only sent/received 14,000 offer the past 2 years, so this will last a long time.

Hi everyone

Please note that this is currently a tiny community, so please share around so we that the community will develop. We currently have minimal posts, I will hopefully get some time to work on it soon. Feel free to post comments, queries, questions, resources, feedback etc etc to get our community to develop further.

Thank you.
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