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Welcome to my Mitsuki lover Universe
Please enjoy and remember I'm a sneaky little snake 🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍

Mitsuki: Hello closed eyed smile welcome to my community of me and my father. Follow me on a journey with my friends and team* 😉🐍😄😊
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Hello there guys
Janna chan asked me to post on here so im posting a pic of me and my sankes Medusa and Salizar
what do you think?

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is training early in the morning
walking by and sees Mitsuki training and blushes deep
looks over to her holding a kunai and smiles at her sexy like
blushes deep red and starts walking away
stretches arm out and grabs her and hugs her Hello Janna chan
blushes deep and faints
looks at her so cute

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wakes up and looks around w..where am i
looks at you and smiles i see your awake Janna chan good
blushes and faints again
comes over and kisses her She's so cute

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Good Morning guys Mitsuki here
How is everyone?
Janna chan is still sick and must go to the academy today looks worried
but she is a strong young woman and i believe in her smiles I also love Janna chan a lot
Did you know Janna chan is part of the Uzamaki clan and the Hyuga clan
Turns out Janna chan has a blood line that also leads to the Uchiha clan and the Namikaze clan
She is very unique and thats why i truly love her 8smiles*
M......Mitsuki sempai blushes deep red
smiles and hugs her You are so cute Janna chan

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the moonlight rays down on the hidden leaf village, the air is quiet and the hidden leaf village is silent, in the distance on in a field Mitsuki stands looking at the moon, in the woods hides Janna chan, she looks at him and quietly comes at him, then he turns and attacks
you must be faster then that Janna chan snakes come out
watches sharply and stands far off Mitsuki sempai
looks at her and smirks i will not go easy runs to attack her
disappears and is behind him
jumps up and looks at her your so fast and skilled Janna chan, you may be cute but you are dangrous
looks up at him and smiles
smirks at streches hand to attack you dont talk much but your body language says a lot
grabs his arm and yanks him but he slams into her and lands on her ow
looks at her and smiles down at her touching her cheek you ok Janna chan
looks up at him and blushes
both looks to see Sarada
Janna chan blushes deep and Mitsuki smiles
sarada runs off yelling
janna chan pushes off mitsuki and runs after Sarada
so cute smiles and looks up at the moon

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GOOOOOOD MOOOORNING everyone Mitsuki here Hope you slept well

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+1 for Good morning
looks at you sexy hello Janna chan

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Hello everyone i'm back
how is everyone doing?
Janna chan is still sick sadly and has a bad cough looks down sad
i wish she would be better she's been sick for two weeks now
I would like to ask if you can to find a Mitsuki pic and post it saying to feel better for Janna chan please Thank you

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Hello most people maybe wondering who and what Janna chan looks like well this is me
i have long white hair
i have pale snow white skin
both my eyes are different ones purple and ones blue (ill explain why in a minute)
i have three black claw like marks on my face
im very quite and very shy

the reason i have two differnt eye colors is cause one can help me enter portals and other demations thats my blue eyes
the other helps me use the five chakra natures purple eye
with this power my clan was very strong
but due to power my clan was slaughtered and i was left
im a lot older then MItsuki im seventeen
my goal is to be safe from enemies and not get killed being the only and last survuver of my clan
thanks for listening Janna chan
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