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Alright, we are going to open this community up with a major RP event, but first I need people to make profiles for the original six avengers. Once the profile is made, the character is claimed.

-Iron Man (+Felix the Mercenary)
-Hulk (+Hueyuzumaki Xl)
-Black Widow (Unclaimed)
-Thor (Unclaimed)
-Hawkeye (Unclaimed)
-Captain America (+albedo galvan)

Cap stood on the runway, his allies at his side. Opposite from him stood Iron Man, with his own team.
Cap: We fight.
He started running at Tony, knowing what was about to happen.
(Open to all. This is a recreation, not a reenactment. All the events up to this point are accurate to the movie, but past this, anything can happen. Team Leaders, meaning me and +Felix the Mercenary will aside who can RP as any characters that do not yet have profiles. When you join, you may request a side and we will assign a character to you, unless you have one of the characters present.)

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Universe: Disney
Name: hulk
Age: 30
Gender: Male
Skills: smashing stuff
Abilities: hulk's ability is too get stronger and more durable the angrier he gets.
Weapons: his fist
Bio: Bruce banner, a brilliant scientist was working with gamma radiation. Long story short, the gamma rays altered his DNA and he turned into the hulk. He eventually was scouted by the avengers and became an original.

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Universe: Disney
Name: Peter Parker (Spiderman)
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Powers: Stick to walls, Super Strength
Skills: Spider sense
Abilities: Enhanced Agility
Weapons: None
Tools: Web shooters
Bio: Peter Parker's uncle ben died because someone shot him. Peter became Spiderman to save life's so nothing could happen like what happened to his uncle Ben. He became spiderman so nothing could happen like what happened to uncle ben. He is currently done with the civil war

I still need Thor, Black Widow, and Hawkeye, if anyone is willing to make those profiles. Whoever makes any one of those will automatically be promoted to Mod. Current mods may still make them.

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"If I see a situation pointed south, I can't ignore it. Sometimes I wish I could."
Universe: Disney
Name: Steve Rogers
Alias: Captain America
Age: 97
Gender: Male
Skills: Tactics, leadership, all martial arts, diplomacy
Abilities: Body and mine are slightly past peak human ability
Weapons: Vibranium shield
Bio: Steve Rogers was just a regular kid from Brooklyn. All he wanted to do was join his friend Bucky Barnes, as a member of the 107th. It was World War II, and everyone was enlisting to fight the Nazis and their Japanese allies. The only problem was, Steve was skinnier than a piece of cardboard, and had a list of health problems a mile long. Every chance he got, he would try and enlist, eventually attempting to falsify his information. Eventually, this was noticed by a Dr. Abraham Erskine. He sat down with Steve, and after speaking with him, was convinced that he was the perfect candidate for his project. Erskine had him recruited for Operation Rebirth, an Allied science experiment designed to create physically superior soldiers. The project was held by the Strategic Scientific Reserve, a precursor to the Strategic Homeland Intervention Espionage Logistics Division. Steve was selected as the first test subject, and was sent to Manhattan where Erskine and Howard Stark would be conducting the experiment. Rogers was a success, instantly growing from a skinny teenager to the world's most physically fit human being. His mind had also tremendously improved, giving him incredible perception, and an eidetic memory. However, as soon as Steve emerged from the pod, Erskine was killed by an agent of Hydra. Steve chased him down, outrunning cars and ripping open a submarine. However, the project could never be recreated, and Steve would be its only success. Not wanting to be a lab rat, he was pushed into marketing, becoming the American poster-boy. Until he learned that Bucky had been captured by Hydra. Ignoring orders, Steve attacked the base, donning his costume and stage name "Captain America." Cap managed to rescue Bucky, along with several other prisoners. Upon returning to the SSR base, he was promoted to his titular rank. Howard Stark came to him about assigning gear, and Cap helped him with a uniform slightly resembling his stage costume. He was also given an indestructible shield, that doubled as the world's most badass frisbee. He and Bucky recruited some of the escaped prisoners to help them take down Hydra. They became the SSRs most efficient task force, "The Howling Commandos." They tore through Hydra bases like paper, pushing back the organization and their leader, Red Skull. However, Bucky was thrown out of a train and off a cliff when attempting to capture Hydra's head scientist, Arnim Zola. The mission was successful, but Cap was infuriated. He launched an assault on Red Skull's base, right as Red Skull boarded his doomsday machine, "The Valkyrie." It was a bomber with the fuel and firepower to destroy every major city on Earth. Having no other options, Cap forced the plane into the Atlantic, freezing himself inside the wreckage. 60 years later, he woke up in a SHIELD recovery room. With an alien invasion looming, he returned to his role as Captain America, joining earth's mightiest heroes, The Avengers!
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"I am Iron Man"

Name: Tony Stark

Alter ego: Iron Man

Gender: male

Powers: genius-level intellect, extremis (the ability to control technology with his mind)

In armor:
Enhanced strength
Enhanced durability
Enhanced speed
Enhanced reaction speed
A.I. Assistance
Targeting software
Advanced scanners
Missile launchers
Flame throwers
Jet boots and jet pack
Repulsor gauntlets
Dart launchers
Defense shields
Grappling hooks

Abilities: does having unlimited money count?

Tools: Iron man armor. Top of the line, bio-mechanical combat armor. Tony has built quite a lot over the years. And I mean A LOT. He stores and summons them using a satellite named Veronica.

Standard (mark 46) (civil war)
Standard armor. You know what it does

Adaptable armor
Tony can add technology from the battlefield to this armor (3rd pic)

The chest laser that can burn through anything (7th pic)

Advanced stealth tech renders the wearer completely invisible to eyes and scanners (5th pic)

Instead of repulsors, shotgun blasts (6th pic)

Silver centurion
Extra armor and wrist knife blades (4th pic)

Deep space armor
Incredible durability and jetpack. Can survive in space thanks to life support systems. Can also operate in deep sea environments (8th pic)

Incredible strength and durability that can go toe-to-toe with the strongest beings on earth (9th pic)

Bio: an affluent, billion-dollar, Robert-Downey-Jr-ish playboy. Enough said.
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"I guess I'll have to do it myself."
Universe: Disney
Name: Thanos
Age: Unknown
Gender: Male
Skills: Manipulation, intimidation
Abilities: Abnormal strength and uncanny tendency to attract followers
Weapons: The Infinity Gauntlet with all six Infinity Stones
Bio: Thanos is a Titan, and the most powerful being in the universe. Through force, he has claimed all six of the Infinity Stones, as well as the Infinity Gauntlet, allowing him to manipulate the universe as he sees fit. He currently sits in one of the darkest sectors of space, preparing his invasion of Earth. For their heroes are the only thing that stands in his way, and to challenge them, is to court death.
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