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I've found our solution!
MLP45E - Dungeons and Dragons With Ponies!
MLP45E - Dungeons and Dragons With Ponies!

Hey Apo, Can you make me a co-owner? I'm thinking of adding MLP D&D rules to this community to organize it.

I have an idea! How about we make our own D&D Table for species to play D&D and when we do, we'll do a D&D adventure on Roll 20!

Okay guys, I think that if we work together, we can set up a format for D&D so that our characters will be balanced. I'm thinking that the species could be:
Saddle Arabian
Sea Pony

And I think that we should make some classes exclusive to certain species. Like the spellcasting classes can only be used by Unicorns, Changelings, and Zebras.

OK so what classes and races are there are we just useing mlp races or dnd races

Finally XD

Hello people, I'm a veteran D&D player and I'll love to play some games themed in MLP.
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