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(All credit given to artist)
Name: Fennec
Gender: Female
Age: 13-14 moons (months) ((Teenager))
Birthday: Feburary 19th
Type of animal: Fennec Fox
Habitat: North Africa
Bio: She lived in the Sahara Desert for so long, until her parents died by lions. (idk XD) Then, she moved up to a different part of the Desert. 

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I just drew these for reason!
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the two sister wolves walk around looking for pray
Lava: I can't see any mice yet
Spring: Me ether

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Name: Amethyst
Age: 3 (teen)
Birthday:December 4th
Gender: Female
Type of animal: Wolf
Bio: She was born in captivity. One day, a science lab, borrowed  her for a project. The project was to change the color of her fur. They used the color purple, because if the project went wrong, it wouldn't hurt her. One tragic day, that Lab cat "accidentally" knocked over a deadly toxin. Amethyst was rushed to the vet. She would live, but the color would be permanent. She ran away, her bright colors making it hard for her to live.
Habitat in the past: At a Sanctuary.
Habitat now: The forest.

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Name: Spring
Gender: Female
Age: 10 moons (so I'm a cub)
Birthday: October 9 (not 10 I got mixed up)
Type of animal: wolf
Bio: My left eye is red with a gold puple and my right eye is gold with a red puple because there was a fire and that changed my eyes and the fire killed my parents. I hunt by myself looking for a mom or a dad. I have odd markings on my chest, and I have a sister with the same markings named Lava who is resistant to fire and lava well I'm resistant to the undead and death. (I can not be positioned or anything like that) 

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Age:10 moons (so I'm a cub)
Birthday:October 9
Gender: Female
Type of animal:Wolf
Habitat: Forest/planes
Bio: My eyes are like water and nature and I have a sister named Spring.
My parents died from a meager fire but Spring and I servied and now we hunt alone looking for a mom or a dad. I have markings on my chest that my sister has also and my sister is resistant to deadly things and death and the undead. I'm resistant to fire and lava and extreme heat.
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