Olaf Johansen who Olaf Johansen born in Norway in 1919 born in 1993 In 1993 died his life Tarihe and committed to the truth
I am proud to work with him today, Central Asian Turkish tribes immigration to the world
an issue that is not emphasized or deliberately not fully revealed, that is, facts or political views,
The reason for fanaticism is not explained in the real man's world.
Thousands of documents circulated around the world to investigate this subject have arrived at material archeological work, namely Olaf Johansen
In his research, Turks did not represent a single religion.
Turkishness is no race that has not put a fixed and irreducible Lenee religion teacher says that even today we are burying Turkey
The actual starting date is unknown. Our honor is considered to be between 300 and 650 after johansen milan
the beginning of the first immigrations began in the millennium 200 years and continues until 600-650
settled that the Turks, Vikings, Teutons, Huns, Bulgarians, Tatars, and other tribes were Turkish tribes
it is a Turkish cousin that emerges from the circles of the utuks, that is, in their circassians who are trying to be shown as a separate race
that it is a Turkish crown, and that the common features of these tribes are the same symbols of clothing and clothing,
It has revealed with the works it collects from the regions it has studied that these migrations are made to Far East Asia Europe America
It is revealed that there are some turtles in the Americans living in the Americas and the vikings of the marbles and other
The most prominent features of the tribes are the use of the symbols used by the Turks. Today in Europe,
there are many races belonging to other Rıols in this process. Today,
the Germans, the Poles, the Swedes, the Finns, the Bulgars, the Albanians, and others,
Vietnam is Korea, Japan and a part of China is a Turkish tribe.
Uyghur Turks are an example of this. In North and South America, there are Indians and many tribes who define themselves as spanish
and the community Atalar is the Turkish tribes, that is to say that the Turks are a culture and civilization of 15 thousand years Olaf Johansen
in the research he has done, even olaf johansen says that the Turks are related to many races in the world
ispaat respects



Dear friends, my precious friends are about two years old. We are talking about the migration of the Turkish tribes of Central Asia and the world
Middle Asia Turkish cavi, mler All tribes participating in the migration are Turkish tribes.
migratory tribes from Japan, Vietnam, Korea, Endenozy, Malesia Bulgarian, Albanian, Hungarian, Swedish
Finland Denmark Norway All this are Turkish tribes including APOLOGY VICTORIA, CEREMONIES, CITIZENS, ACCESSORIES
CIRCUITS, HUNLARS and others are all Turkish tribes. We told the truth to the world, and in memory of our Norwegian teacher
Support the Turks and help them on Earth
Japan, Korea, Vietnam, Endogenous Filipino Europe, Sweden, Norway
Denmark Finland, Poland, Hungary, Bulgaria, Germany, Vikings, South America Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Uruguay, Paraguay
Mexico, Colombia and I do not write their names All the page friends Thank you infinitely for all my friends to support
Thank you, then, for your support for the African action we have taken in Syria.




The precious Turkish nation Abd Despotism, which defines Hegemon as power on Earth Like capitalism Inhuman
Today the world is not alone, but these powers, especially in Russia and China,
the world has become the ruler of many countries in this country is the only way to get rid of it the only way the Turks
is a world power is passed through the Islamic world and Abd and Israel have become unstable and a terrorist
there is only one thing to do today Independence and independence backed by economic independence
that is, a national economy, it was very beautifully implemented by AStatürk poverty in our country has overtaken the debt of the Ottoman economy
With this economy and the national economy was Sümerbank Turkey Eti Bank has made coal enterprises established aircraft factory
that was launched from the base is spread prosperity wealth base in Turkey today, all thanks to the power and gayrimill
our gains have been destroyed The state institutions that provide employment and employment have been closed to the market
On the basis of their misery experienced unemployment that has become dependent on Turkey lies about everything weapons and tools
Nato is convicted in the third place In terms of Production Was condemned abroad The power that makes it a way of life
While the workers themselves are enriching thousands of authority vehicles are taken out of the double trucks of the aircraft Workers Retired Public Officer hunger and chastisement prisoner
They are mocked with the nation and the rulers of the world Turks congress Defend the national economy Full independence
Defend the economic union with the Turkish states Defend the production There are 750 million Turks living in the world today
These Turks have joint venture partnership with joint venture partners like marketing and single central bank.
in this project there was also god mercy, islam kerimov, and he had visited South America for this purpose,
nationality has not joined for racial zenith since it is the Arab likes of us
that is to say, the ruling Turkism, the arabic unity is called the Islamic Union, that is to say that Ataturk wants to start the turkish
The biggest obstacle in front of the century is ruling The Turkish nation now has to see the realities
economic misery is on the basis of this is vietnam if it is on the basis that there are Atatürk's noble nations
is due to our interest in the relationship between america and russia to prevent alienation and misery
joint military exercises joint ventures from the common central bank, if they do not make misery
poverty will never go from the top to the present to support each other we have to cooperate with the world of Christianity
In the 19th century wars, different Christian churches throttled each other,
why can we establish a tribe of Turkish peoples who support us Danish Swedish and vikings thank you for your support and thanks for your debt

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