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Name: Sakura ran.
 Age: 15.
 Gender: female.
Warlock, witch or fairy or both: both witch and fairy.
 Home planet: earth.
Pixie if fairy?: none.
 Powers: music, ice and plants.
 Alfa or cloud tower or red foundain?:  none yet.
Year in it: none.
 Personality: stubborn, hot tempered, cold, cruel, distant, quiet, sly, shy, smart, nice. kind, caring and friendly.
 Likes: her books.
 Dislikes:mean people.
 Skills: singing, running, fighting, swimming.
Hobbies: reading, singing, running, fighting, swimming, dancing.
Bio: secret.
Crush: open.
Other: has white and grey hair with golden eyes with the hair style of the first one.
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((+Pikáchu 0893.))

At the dimension where the ice monster keep it guarded and the most evilest of all are helded there sakura ran slowly woke up near valtor's cage but out of see as she look around sleeply just near the trix's cage as i blink i slowly hides as i look at the cages shaking scared looking down when...
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